Seay says he never had tendinitis/bursitis

Bobby Seay has at least some preliminary information from his MRI exam taken on his shoulder over the weekend. We don’t know exactly what it is, and Seay doesn’t want to say until he consults with more specialists, but we know what it’s not.

“Never bursitis. Never tendinitis,” Seay said Tuesday afternoon.

Those were the initial parts of the diagnosis from team doctors last month. Seay received treatment to try to work his way through it and made some slow progress, but ran into more pain after trying to throw a second mound session.

Seay visited with Rays team physician Dr. Koco Eaton today. He’ll travel to Pensacola, Fla. for a visit with Dr. James Andrews on Thursday, then will consult with specialist Dr. Craig Morgan sometime next week.

“If it’s your career, you’re going to try to hear what everybody has to say,” Seay said.

Last weekend was the first MRI Seay had this spring. He did not have an MRI last month. Sorry for the mixup on that.


Seay out? Anyone for Schoenweis? Or do they have enough lefties in the bullpen?

You’d like to think they’d have gone for the MRI sooner. It wouldn’t seem that showing up with a sore arm is standard.
He pitched in 67 games for 48.2 innings last season, not an inordinate amount. That obviously doesn’t take into account the number of times he may have warmed up and not entered the game. I’m curious to see what this condition turns out to be. Good luck to Bobby.

Well, if it’s not bursitis or tendinitis, it’s probably more serious.

Tigers had interest in Schoeneweis in past years, but I think they’re pretty well set on lefties now, even without Seay. Phil Coke is going to slot into a very big role, while Ni looks in line to get some big opportunities against left-handed hitters.

that seay quote sounds terse. must have something major wrong…like a cuff or labrum tear…either would wreck his season and lead to a long rehab. guessing that he’s trying to weigh whether to have surgery now or continue a slow rehab. seay was formerly in the tampa bay organization, so that might explain why he went to see the rays’ team orthopedist…maybe he trusts him more than the tigers orthos after being told tendinitis/bursitis. regardless, hope bobby has a quick and full recovery.

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