Seay has test, awaiting word from doctors

Bobby Seay had his MRI exam over the weekend, but is awaiting word from doctors on the results. Head athletic trainer Kevin Rand said today that Seay will visit Rays team physician Dr. Koco Eaton on Tuesday and Dr. James Andrews on Thursday to go over what they see in the results.

As for Zach Miner, he’s going to be examined by team physician Dr. Stephen Lemos on Thursday and won’t throw until then.


Perhaps the most surprising thing this spring has been the number of runs the Tigers have piled up. I don’t think there’s many positional questions left to answer.
The starting rotation is another matter entirely. You’ve got six guys for five spots. At this point, one could make a case for both Nate and Dontrelle in the rotation. It’s a tough one because these aren’t guys who can be easily traded, so someone is going to get hosed pretty good. Despite what one local writer says, I don’t see how you can just release Willis if he continues to throw up goose eggs. You’d run the risk of paying a guy who may end up excelling for another team. With Nate, you know what you’ll get, which is both a good and bad thing. Dontrelle actually has more potential upside, keyword potential. Bonderman is hard to figure at this point, but he’d make more sense coming out of the pen. Unless things change drastically, I’d hate to see any of the three removed from the squad, because they’ll probably all be needed before the season is done.
Dave, I did read your incredibly detailed stats on these pitcher’s first 15 or so pitches (where do you GET this stuff?) and can only say that Bonderman’s first inning struggles are legendary. I just wonder if it would play out that way if he was coming in from the pen throwing only his two best pitches.
Barring injuries or individual collapses, this will be a tough choice for JL and DD.

Rich – hey glad to see you got back safe from Florida and had a nice time.
I couldn’t agree with you more on the Dontrelle, Robertson and Bonderman front. I will go one step further – does Dontrelle deserve to be released at this point when he is putting up these goose eggs. He deserves the chance to try to prove himself in the regular season. I know that may not be a popular choice, but it isn’t as though he asked for the problems of the last few years, it is as though he didn’t want to pitch and was reckless or a jerk about it. He was self loathing and humble.
JASON maybe you can help with this why did he only pitch an inning today?? Do you think they are thinking about bringing him out of the pen now?? Or is he still hurting. How fast was his fastball today?? I would be really intrested to know.
Two more weeks

I read where Willis threw his fastball between 90-93 today, but no mention why he only went one inning. The double play ball has certainly help Willis this spring and without that bad hop ground ball that Inge would have probably made a play on, if he would of had more game action, his ERA would be at 0.00. I would agree that you cannot release him. Nate deserves the fourth spot. The limited inning that all three of them have pitched in the last two years will likely still take April to extend them past five or six innings. Since Miner is out, I would expect Bonine to make the team and Thomas will not unless Zumaya stays behind to get more work. Winehardt and Rainwater have both looked good, but the problem is that they each have been pitching late when most of the major leaguers are in the showers.
The offense has looked good in the first five innings. The same with the pitchers, your have to discount the last half of a Spring Training game when the top 12 on a staff are not pitching.

You wonder if JL just said to Willis go out for an innings and show Henning what you are capable of getting back close to his old fastball low-mid 90’s.
No way any of the three are released though you would have to give serious consideration if anyone offered you around $6m or a trade involving a top shelf SS with equivalent payout.
Despite the stats, Bondo strangely gives me slightly more peace of mind than either lefty out of the pen. Eddie would then probably go back to Toledo as a starter in reserve.

Trying to read the tea leaves…

1) This one inning outing by willis suggests that they are considering him for a bullpen role. suppose they might just decide to eat his contract, but no harm in seeing what he can do once the games are real.

2) Seay consulting 2 specialists within a couple of days. critical decision making time for him. what has been a lost spring might end up being a lost season, unfortunately.

3) Bonine has options, so his fate seems tied to the decision they make on willis.

4) Nice results from inge today. been thinking why he’s had the knee problems. wondering if the time he spent wearing the tools of ignorance was the cause. looking back, would have to say his development was mismanaged. back in those days, the tigs were also trying to make phil nevin into a C. what were they thinking? still wondering who will play 3rd when they give inge a few days off in the early season. seems likely kelly will make it for just that reason.

The single inning for Willis was mainly like a side session for him before his scheduled start Thursday afternoon. They didn’t want him going too many days without facing hitters, but Sunday’s rainout messed up some plans. That said, I do think there’s some curiosity about the bullpen.

And Dontrelle getting released? That’s not what I’m hearing.

A quote from Dontrelle:
?I feel good. I feel confident,? Willis said. ?Whatever skip (Leyland) wants me to do, I?ll be ready. If you want me to step in for Bobby Seay or whatever, I get ready pretty fast. Whatever he wants me to be — long relief, situational or starter — I?m just happy to be part of the team.

?Just give me a fair shot to go out and showcase my stuff. And it?s been a fair shot.?
You gotta love the guy. It’s no wonder that the vast majority of Tiger fans, and baseball fans in general, root for him.
I’m sure you all guessed the local writer I spoke of earlier was Lynn Henning, who is the writer I love to hate. That’s nearly a compliment. 🙂 Anyway, sometimes I wonder if Lynn and I are even watching the same game. Willis was in the low 90s for all of his starts until Thursday. Maybe he does something insidious like take a little off to throw the hitters off balance? Gee, what a concept.

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