Seay feels good, still has ways to go

Just talked with Bobby Seay, who said his arm feels good after throwing a 5-minute bullpen session yesterday. However, he cautioned, that doesnt mean his next step is to pitch in a game. Far from it. Hell throw a similar session tomorrow and maybe some more after that. As he explained, he hasnt thrown any breaking balls at all this spring, and he needs that pitch in a game.

Asked whether the timetable is now a question for opening day, Seay said its too early to tell. But without question, its going to be a process that takes some time. As he put it, his spring training has basically just started.


Interesting performance today from Dontrelle, besides the three hitless innings. I see that he had back spasms from his attempt to spear a hard grounder and that explains the two visits from the training staff. Even before that, however, he was hitting 89 mph tops on the gun, compared to 92 last week. I know the radar can be off but he was visibly slower today. The end result was that the Houston hitters were off balance for most of his outing, so it appeared to be effective in any case. The main thing is he continues to throw strikes and force the hitters into putting the ball in play. I’ve seen all the Detroit pitchers in the past two weeks and Dontrelle is easily the best so far, other than Porcello. If he’s healthy, and I’m not convinced of that, he’s certainly in line to take the lefty spot in the rotation. And not to take anything away from Nate Robertson, who has looked fairly strong himself. This competition for 4 and 5 isn’t settled, IMO. Hopefully, Willis has just taken the Mickey Rivers “old man walk” to the next level. Anyone who remembers Rivers knows what I’m talking about. Mickey would shuffle painfully to the plate, flick a liner into the corner, and be on third before you could blink.
This week we attended the Phillies game in Clearwater, where the Tigers looked awful, then the Pirates game in Bradenton, where they beat a pretty bad ballclub. And on both days, we nearly froze. It’s warmer at home! Speaking of home, we’re headed back tomorrow. It’s been fun, but reality beckons.
Jason, nice to see you again yesterday.

Yes they said on the tv yesterday that it was warmer in Detroit yesterday than it was in Lakeland. Although I must say that I hate Florida, (or it hates me) I have been there about 10 times in my life and not once has it EVER been nice. I remember our first trip as a kid where we went on a plane and we went to Florida and did the Disney thing, (it was late March) and we had our winter coats on most of the trip.
Anyway back to baseball, Dontrelle looked like there was something wrong but continued to push through it. I was impressed with him. I loved it when the announcer from the Houston team was interviewing Carlos Lee during the broadcast, he asked him if he was impressed with Dontrelle. He said “Not Really” and went on to explain why mostly that his ball wasn’t very fast. But I was thinking he got you out on a weak ground ball dude??
I was wondering if Bondo currently has himself out of the mix and we might find Nate and Dontrelle in the rotation and Bondo might be the odd guy out??? Or what about Scherzer, although I read that he did okay yesterday, he hasn’t been all that either??
Time will tell I guess

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