Granderson plays down playing with contacts

One of the big follow-up questions about the Curtis Granderson trade
back in December was the eye exam the Yankees had him take following the
trade, and the prescription contacts he’s now wearing.

Yes, his
test results over the winter showed his eyesight at 20/30. But even with
his well-chronicled struggles against lefties, Granderson didn’t feel
the difference.

“With [the
contacts] on, nothing different has changed visually for me yet, at
least not to my knowledge,” Grandreson said. “Now. I still have to get
some night games in. I have to get some twilight games in, double-deck
stadiums, different backdrops to see if there is any difference. But I
remember the eye doctor in Chicago saying, ‘If we didn’t get you into
contacts, you honestly really wouldn’t notice a difference. Once we
finally do, it’s going to tweak things up for you just a little bit.'”

Granderson said his eyes have usually been about 20/25 since high school, and the feeling has always been that if it’s not bothering him, they’re not going to correct it. The Yankees were the one who wanted them checked.

“If they didn’t say anything, I was probably going to stay the same way,” he said.

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I have a vision problem, too:
I just can’t see Granderson ever being an effective hitter against left handed pitching.
I can’t see another hitter in the entire league that was worse vs LHP’s last season.
I can’t see any reason why he was in the lineup vs lefties, and I certainly can’t see why he was leading off vs LHP’s.

See ya, Curtis! Good luck in NYC.

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