Sizemore scratched from Tigers lineup

Rookie second baseman Scott Sizemore got an unplanned day off Tuesday when he was a late scratch from the Tigers starting lineup. Manager Jim Leyland said Sizemore had soreness in his surgically repaired left ankle, so Leyland scratched him from the lineup as a precaution. Brent Dlugach started in his place.

Sizemore said a few days ago that his ankle was a little bit sore when he was making the turn on the bases, but that it’s very minor.

UPDATE: Sizemore said the ankle just felt a little weak today, but gave no indication Tuesday that it’s a serious issue.

“No one wants to come out of the game or take themselves out of the lineup when it comes to stuff like that,” he said, “but there are some times when it’s better not to play through it. That’s what happened with my hand. It was bothering me in 2008. I tried to play through it, and I ended up costing myself the rest of the season. That’s one thing I don’t ever want to do again. I’m going to try to be as smart as I can with my body and try to get the most.”

Sizemore expects to play Wednesday against the Yankees. He said the last time he was rested, which was lasted Friday, he “felt like a million bucks” the next day.


This was precisely what I meant when I used the word “stupid” a few weeks ago. That’s when I was going on about picking up Lopez. If Sizemore is a physically changed player even before he starts his career it would be shame.
Way too much riding on a key position to “give” it to an untested and possibly damaged rookie. I’m pulling for him and for management in this decision but even if it works out a good as it possibly can–I still feel this was a really overly optimistic (If not stupid) decision.
Really nice to hear Rich’s reports from Florida. He has great baseball insight and his “fan” perspective will give us some balance from the typical spring training rhetoric.

Thanks for that compliment, Dan. I’ll try to bring a little bit of ST to the blog everyday I’m down here. We actually arrived on Sunday morning and went over to Disney’s WW of sports to see the Astros and Braves. Chris Shelton did get into the game at firstbase but we wanted to get checked into our hotel so we didn’t get to see Big Red bat. I’m not sure what they’d do with Chris. Lance Berkman looks awfully good over there at first. Yesterday we were at Lakeland as I reported.
Today, we made a last minute change of plans and drove over to the east coast to see the Tigers and Nationals in Viera. The Strasberg vs Porcello thing was too good to pass up. Jason, I see you made the trip too, spotted you up there. Anyway, Strasberg was very nervous in the first inning but we helped him out. Jackson went to 2-0, swung and grounded out. Santiago went to 2-0, swung and grounded out. Maggs swung at the first pitch and grounded out. No called strikes, no foul balls, four pitches outside the zone and 3 up 3 down. I will grant that the Strasberg kid has some good stuff and we finally began to see it in his second and final inning. He has a compact delivery ala Porcello. Speaking of Rick, total dominance. Same old Rick. Balls beat into the ground, calm cool and collected as always.
This is the first time I’ve seen Austin Jackson and I came away impressed. He doesn’t look like a rookie yet. He’s very quick with long strides. I unfortunately missed his homerun because I was headed down to the bullpen for a look at the time. I’m not ready to hand him the leadoff spot yet, but he does appear to be a guy ready to play in the big leagues. I think everyone will enjoy watching him.
As Leyland has noted, the ball makes a big sound off the bat of Ordonez. Impressive homer to rightcenter on a roughly 6 or 7 pitch AB.
Back to Lakeland tomorrow for the Yankee game. I haven’t laid eyes on Johnny Damon yet, and it would be funny if I were to spot Granderson before Damon.

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