Seay set to throw Wednesday, Inge could play by weekend

Bobby Seay said Monday he’s now on track to throw from distance on Wednesday as he tries to stretch out his arm again following bursitis and tendinitis around his left shoulder. That much he knows.

As for what this means for his potential readiness for Opening Day, he didn’t want to speculate until he gets on a mound again. But his answers cast pretty good doubt.

“Tough to say,” Seay said. “That’s my goal. Again, I want to be 100 percent, throw all my pitches.”

He’s making progress, he said, but it’s clearly slow progress. It’s better than how he had been doing, but it might not be enough to get him to regular-season shape by the end of camp.

The Opening Day readiness for Brandon Inge, by contrast, is looking better and better right now, though he has yet to play in a game. That wasn’t expected to happen for another couple weeks until the original scenario, but there are increasing indications he’s going to beat that timetable by quite a bit. Inge won’t come out and say he wants to play this weekend, but signs are pointing in that direction.

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