The whirlwind journey of Casey Fien

Caught up today with Casey Fien, who finally seemed to be settling in after going from Tigers camp to Red Sox camp to Jays camp in just over a week. He said had just finished up his physical Sunday for the Jays, who had claimed him on waivers from the Red Sox, who had claimed Fien from the Tigers, who had designated him for assignment to make room for Johnny Damon on their 40-man roster.

“I think I lead the league in physicals,” Fien joked.

The jokes were abundant, which at least shows Fien is able to make light of it. He was assigned a jersey number from the Red Sox, but never got to wear the jersey.

“I had a number. I had 84,” Fien said. “I’m 86 here.”

He still hasn’t had a chance to wear the jersey in a game yet, but as he pointed out, at least it was still in his locker when he showed up Sunday morning. That meant his time with the Jays had outlasted his time with the Red Sox, which he estimated was about 48 hours.

“It’s not like they even saw me throw a baseball,” Fien said.

There is no evidence that he was ever a member of the Red Sox. When he got into camp and unpacked his bag, he found some Red Sox caps at the bottom. He had no use for them, so he went out to the field and gave them away to some kids who were hanging around the fence looking for autographs.

“‘I’m happy here,” Fien said. “All the guys, they’ve welcomed me, talking to me. When I was with Boston, some of the coaches, it’s not like I didn’t feel welcome, but I didn’t even meet half of them. It was just awkward for me.”

He did get to meet manager Terry Francona. About 12 hours later, he was no longer Fien’s manager.

As dizzying as it was for Fien, who drove from Lakeland to Fort Myers to Dunedin, it was just about as rough on his family, who was following from home in California.

“I called my mom, and then my mom throws it on Facebook,” Fien said. “And then, all of a sudden, when it’s on Facebook, boom, I’m getting text messages: ‘Red Sox Nation, baby!’ So everyone knew, and then I got traded over to Toronto. Called my mom again, and then everyone’s texting: ‘Blue Jay Nation! Blue Jay Nation!’

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Good luck Fien hope you make the Jays this year and have a great career!

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