Seay update: Not good, not bad

The expected throwing session Bobby Seay was supposedly going to have today didn’t take place, head athletic trainer Kevin Rand confirmed a little bit ago, but that doesn’t necessarily mean more bad news. Rand said they decided with the course of treatment they were taking to give him one more day of rest before going back at it Saturday. He did not get re-examined, and any new tests wouldn’t take place until early next week, when team doctors are back in town for minor league physicals.

Seay’s shoulder is better than before, Rand said, but still not where they want it to be for him to get back to pitching. That doesn’t mean Seay is headed for the disabled list to start the year, not when they have four weeks of spring training left. Still, if Seay usually needs 10 appearances to get ready for the season, he might have to go with less this spring.


I was hoping that Seay would have been packaged in a trade earlier. In my opinion he has lost his effectiveness but was one of those guys that was a tradeable commodity. With Coke, Ni, Schlereth, Thomas and either Nate or Dontrelle—I figured he was expendable.
There were times that Bobby was dominant but I think we saw last year that he was undependable, especially against LHB.

The club was correct in not jumping to conclusions regarding Seay’s condition, but I was concerned about this from day one. It’s never a good thing when a guy comes up sore on the first day of ST. I hope Bobby can get mended up, but it appears likely that Coke’s role will definitely be in the pen. He and Ni should be able to cover it. I kind of think Schlereth isn’t quite ready for prime time, and I don’t know much about Thomas at this point.
Anyway, I’m off to Florida tomorrow and will arrive on Sunday. I’ve packed a box in the car labeled “warm weather” and will open it as soon as we get there.

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