Rogers not coming to instruct

That Kenny Rogers stint in Tigers spring training as a guest instructor isn’t going to happen, at least not this week. Rogers had to cancel his scheduled trip to Lakeland due to a family matter, manager Jim Leyland said Wednesday. He was supposed to be in camp March 2-5.

When the Tigers confirmed earlier in camp that Rogers was coming, Leyland said there was a chance he might make another visit later in the month. Not sure if that might still happen.


Well, my hopes that Nate Robertson could comeback and show that he could possibly be a fifth starter have gone up in smoke!!! All I did was look at the box score and I’ve officially ended my Nate campaign. Maybe I was naive to think it was possible, but hey, I’m an optimist. Just glad we have options. Anyone down there, was it as bad as the box showed??? And yes, GO TIGERS 2010!!!! -Stacy

It is still too early to count Nate out or with Bondo’s strong showing to say he is back. If Nate does not pitch well by the end of camp, I expect him to be cut. The same could happen with Willis. If they both pitch well, the Tiger have a good problem. It is very wishful thinking to think that Bonderman, Willis and Nate will all pitch well enough to make the team. If that happens, then who goes and who is in the pen?

I certainly agree there, Mark. Not only is it too early to judge any of the players, it’s nigh impossible to evaluate a pitching performance without actually seeing it, as Stacy hoped someone had. I bring this up often but, with all the advance billing Porcello had, it wasn’t until I saw him pitch two years ago in Winter Haven that I was blown away by his ability and poise. It is frustrating when there are guys we genuinely like, such as Nate and Dontrelle, and they don’t get it done. Long way to go, though.
It appears that Jackson drew a walk and was promptly picked off. That’s why we have spring training. This will be a very interesting spring for sure.

Looks like Rick Knapp has a project or two!

I will likely be at the Tigers/Blue jays game in Dunedin on Sunday. Hopefully I will get to see some of the younger guys that I have missed in not attending any FSL games during 07/08.
Apparently Bonderman threw only 17 of 34 pitches for strikes, so it would interesting to find out if his Ks came on pitches with movement, or what.
Good to at least see Jackson, Sizemore, Wells getting on base.

Dlugach is hitting the ball so far at the start of ST. Ramon had better too. I’m not suggesting anything, other than I do believe he is a guy to watch. He can play 3B and 2B and is apparently a very fine shortstop.
Anyone note that Wilkin Ramirez played some 3rd today? He is likely no serious contender there in any capacity. When he broke in in the minors as a 3rd baseman he was making errors at a rate of 1 every 2 games just about. Scary!
Good to hear that Sizemore had to turn a DP today. Probably made him feel pretty good.
Wells looks like he is ready—to bad he is a RHB. If he was a LHB he’d be on the squad.
That’s one thing Boesch has going for him.
Wonder what will become of Jeff Larish?
Early yet but good to hear about Bonderman.

Kenny should have gotten the call to start games one and four in the 2006 World Series. He was probably the best starter the Tigers had that year, for one thing. His outing in game two showed that. And Justin Verlander, as good a pitcher as he is now, may not have been emotionally ready at that age to handle the assignment to start games one and four. Moreover, Justin’s arm had not yet built up the durability to be strong throughout the postseason.

Hi Jason,
It looks like Schlereth got knocked around a little bit yesterday, but I haven’t seen much written about it. Were you in the press box for that portion of the game? Can you tell us anything about how he looked? Inquiring minds…

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