30 clubs in 30 days, first team

Heads-up for those of you who get MLB Network (which, unfortunately for me, does not include my hotel): The Tigers will be first up on their 30 Clubs in 30 Days series, with an hour-long feature airing Wednesday, March 3 at 5 p.m. ET. Peter Gammons and Hazel Mae were in Lakeland the last couple days doing interviews and compiling info for the show, which will include field reports, predictions, fantasy stats, a look at the farm system, a recap of the 2009 season (sorry to open up that wound again), an all-time homegrown Tigers roster, and a Prime 9 countdown of the top plays in club history.

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OK, I watched some of the show, but will catch the whole tonight at 10:00pm. However, what I did see told me MLB Network doesn’t think too highly of the Tigers. Their comments at the end of the show said they didn’t think too highly of the Tigers either.
However, I find it interesting the network chose the Tigers to be the first team to hightlight on this show. Maybe I have a chip on my shoulder or something. Many of the other teams that will be highlighted, will have their interviews deeper into spring training after they have actually played games and seen pitchers throw. My favorite part of the show was seeing the top Tiger highlights of our franchise and Al Kaline’s parting words.

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