Porcello to start home opener, Scherzer April 7

The pitching rotation still hasn’t been filled out, but at least we know when the guys who are set will start. Jim Leyland announced this morning that Rick Porcello will start the home opener when the Tigers host the Indians on Friday, April 9. Max Scherzer will start the second game of the season against the Royals on Wednesday, April 7, after Justin Verlander starts Opening Day on April 5.

That leaves two openings that will depend on who’s pitching. One would figure that if Jeremy Bonderman gets a spot, he would appear to be more likely to start the series finale at Kansas City April 8. Bonderman would logically fit into the series finale at Kansas City April 8, but he still has a three-game suspension looming over him from his pitch that hit Minnesota’s Delmon Young in the final week of last season. Bonderman immediately appealed the suspension, and I haven’t heard anything yet about a hearing. Unless it’s reduced, he can’t pitch at all during the KC series, which would put someone else in line to pitch that game.

You could say it’s the first major assignment for the 21-year-old Porcello, but starting the tiebreaker game against Minnesota last October was pretty big. Leyland said he wanted Scherzer’s first start as a Tiger to be on the road rather than in the added energy of a home atmosphere.


Bondo cannot start on April 8 because he is suspended for the first 3 games of the season. I would assume he will get the start at home on April 10. So whoever wins the 5th spot will get the other start in KC.

YES!!! I’m so glad Rick gets to start the home opener. He so deserves it!!!! GO PORCELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What am I forgetting why is Bondo suspended???

GK, Bonderman was suspended for retaliating against the Twins on the final Thursday of the season. You remember Delmon Young nearly charging his own dugout? Remains one of the darndest things I’ve ever seen.

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