Bill James: Tigers 28th in Young Talent Inventory

Though Tigers manager Jim Leyland has said a few times this is as much young talent as he has had in a Spring Training camp, Bill James says Detroit doesn’t have enough young talent at the big league level yet. It’s enough of a deficit that James ranked the Tigers 28th out of 30 Major League teams in Young Talent Inventory in his just-released Bill James Gold Mine 2010.

Tigers have a young talent nucleus–three or four players–that is very
good,” James said in a press release. “Their problem is that what’s outside of those three or
four players is not much of anything. Their top five: Miguel Cabrera,
Justin Verlander, Rick Porcello, Jose Valverde, Zach Miner.”

James’ list of the 20 most valuable “properties” among young players in the Majors includes only one Tiger, Miguel Cabrera at No. 9. Nope, Verlander didn’t make the list, though I’m not sure he qualified at age 27. But it’s a very odd list. How odd? Joe Mauer ranked 16th, just behind David Wright and Ryan Zimmerman. Zack Greinke ranked 13th. Jair Jurrjens ranked 19th.


Bill James thinks Zach Miner is the fifth best young player for the Tigers? What about Perry, Avila, Sizemore, Raburn? Does anyone know what the criteria are that he used?

The criteria he used was his own personal opinion. Anybody can do that.

Hey Jason, how about a little info on Brent Dlugach when you have the occasion? He seems to be lost in the shuffle with all the acceptance of everett/Santiago and hype about Nunez. I read he has put on some weight. The word about him was that he was a better fielder than hitter but his size might surprise.

Dlugach does look big. Granted, I only saw him last year in September, but he’s definitely bigger than last season. Will be interesting to see if Leyland moves him around the infield and gets a look at him at third and second.

Dlugach had a good recovery year last year at AAA. This is his last year at Toledo. Ciriaco will likely be the SS at AAA next year. Another solid year at AAA may put Dlugach in the running for the ss position next year. Ciriaco and Nunez are probably more than a year away. If the extra weigh gives him more pop, 3B could be in his future.

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