Sunday roundup

Lots of stuff today, so I’ll round it up for the moment:

  • Leyland wasn’t commenting on Johnny Damon, but he did comment on how Carlos Guillen could be affected. To that, he said it will not be an issue: “Carlos Guillen will hit fifth for the Tigers this year. And he’ll get all the at-bats he wants, trust me. So you can nip that in the bud. I’m not going to get into details right now about anything else. But Carlos Guillen, I can assure you — and I hope I see it in headlines — he will be a major factor in our success this year, and he will get all the at-bats that he wants. For us to be good, he has to be good.”
  • Tigers confirmed that Kenny Rogers will join the club as an instructor March 2-5, and possibility for another short stint later in the month. Expect Kenny to do some fielding and pickoff instruction while he’s here. “He’s going to work,” Leyland said. “I have the utmost respect for Kenny, and Kenny made it perfectly clear he’s not coming over to say hello to Bondo and Nate.”
  • Bobby Seay has been shut down for a few days with bursitis and tendinitis in his throwing shoulder, which might explain why his first bullpen session the other day felt so foreign to him.
  • With Seay out, Andy Oliver has been added to the spring training roster as a non-roster invitee. He threw a bullpen session Sunday under the watch of pitching coach Rick Knapp, and looked pretty impressive. Not sure what Seay’s situation has to do with Oliver, but they were announced in tandem.
  • Gerald Laird’s legal situation has been resolved. He is pleading no contest to his January arrest and having the matter dropped in exchange for attending anger management classes, which he has done. He reported to camp Sunday morning after taking a red-eye flight from Los Angeles, where he attended his sister’s wedding Saturday. He arrived to catch Justin Verlander in midseason form. Ouch.
  • Magglio Ordonez is drawing compliments for the shape that he’s in. He said he went to a training facility over the offseason and did a lot of lower-body work, including agility drills. But he looks stronger in his arms and upper body, too. “I hate to get too excited,” Leyland said, “but I would be shocked if he doesn’t have a big year.”


Good for the young pitcher to get a taste of camp. But after last year with Ricky, their never too young.
Regarding Lynn Hennings article, he is pushing the boundary stating Damon in LF is a “tremendous option to the risks the Tigers would have taken with Carlos Guillen, or even Ryan Raburn”
In 2009 Damon had a RF/9 of 1.8 with Carlos 2.2, Raburn 2.5 with Maggs also 1.8.
Damon had a 2009 UZR/150 of -12.1 with Carlos -12.7; Raburn +11.1 with Maggs -5.4.
FanGraphs rates Damon -9.2 for Fielding with Carlos -3.1; Raburn -0.8 and Maggs -2.8.
Damon effectively gives us a mirror image of Maggs – sub par reliability. Maybe the ‘old’ Maggs if his winter workouts on his legs bear fruit.
Sure you would play Damon in LF before Carlos to preserve his body but he represents a sizeable drop on Raburn who was still learning in the position.

What an exciting time to be in camp. Sooooo much going on. Kisses to Gerald for making camp today. Love the guy!

Jackson said a few days ago that Damon gave him a few tips here and there in Yankees camp, but nothing like an instructional session or a lecture.

I don’t know what those numbers mean, but they leave me with more questions than answers. If RF is range factor(?), how does that work with an outfielder who plays, say, Fenway Park’s leftfield, with a guy who played, say, the old Yankee Stadium leftfield? But all that aside, I again have to wonder if Raburn puts up the same offensive numbers as a regular as he did last year as a part-timer. Speaking of a player’s entire game, I still have to choose Damon for 2010, but I think a whole buncha guys are going to be rotating through the outfield and DH.
I like how Leyland hoped to see his comments on Guillen up in headlines. He gets his shots in. 🙂

Good article here:
And I’m sure Damon has already done some work with Jackson in the Yankee spring trainings.

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