Valverde: I can get maybe 74 saves here

Jose Valverde had been quoted in his native Dominican Republic as aiming for 50 saves this season with the Tigers. He reported to Spring Training on Saturday and raised that total by quite a bit.

“You know what? I can do maybe 74 here,” Valverde said.

Yes, he meant 74 saves. And yes, that would be a record, by far. Francisco Rodriguez saved 62 games with the Angels two years ago.

“This is a good team here,” Valverde said. “You look at everybody here. We have guys who guys who can hit 30, 40 home runs — Ordonez, Cabrera, all these guys. My guys in the bullpen here, Zumaya, all these guys. When the game’s on the line, Zumaya throws the eighth and he’s throwing 100, 101. This team is good. I think I can do 50 or more.”

Valverde is certainly a driven individual, and he has a high standard for what to expect from himself, and others. The same story in the Dominican last week said he was unhappy with his agents and their work on his free agency. He confirmed Saturday that he has cut ties with the agents at Beverly Hills Sports Council and gone somewhere else, reportedly to Scott Shapiro.

That shouldn’t affect how he performs with the Tigers, who signed him to a 2-year, $14 million deal last month.

“That’s over,” Valverde said. “You know what I mean? What’s in the past is in the past right now. I’m here for my team, and I support them.”


Well, you certainly like to hear that kind of talk, and it definitely qualifies as a line of the day. Valverde could have a huge impact on the entire bullpen, not to mention having a big scarey guy coming on in the 9th.
Re the previous entry on Guillen, I think Carlos wants his ABs for the entire game and he wants to have his role defined. This is true of any of us on our jobs. I would strongly recommend working him up as DH and the backup 3rdbaseman. He wasn’t terrible there at all, he just didn’t cover ground or throw like Inge. I’d give Guillen a couple starts a week there and give Inge some 1st half rest, just like you’d do with ANY OTHER PLAYER NEARING HIS MID-30s. Caps intended. We don’t have to have an acrobat out there every single day. Just most days. 🙂
I read about the lady’s letter to Leyland, roasting him for not using Verlander in relief in game 163. Just playing devil’s advocate here, but wouldn’t that have been Justin’s normal day to throw on the sidelines? Desperate times call for desperate measures, to coin a phrase.
Leaving for ST two weeks from to-DAY. Can’t come soon enough.

Valverde sounds like a very confident and positive individual. He probably will have a good effect on our bullpen! Keep the tidbits comin, Jason. I love it!

Let’s just hope the Tiger lineup can score enough runs to give Valverde 50 save chances. Rodney got 38 last year, and the lineup has been downgraded since. Ordonez hit 30- 40 HR’s? Not any more. 15, maybe.

It will be nice when the swagger comes with results. Confidence in the bullpen has been lacking for a few seasons, even with Rodneys crazt saves stats last year. They are a funny bunch pro players – Coke learnt where he sat in pecking order with his #46 taken off him after a week because Valverde preferred it to #40.
Don’t suppose another Tiger is going to say “She’s going wherever I go” anytime soon.

So the last man standing in the corner finally gets a dance as the band starts to pack up. I suppose we had to pay a few million more than others so Damon could pay for his wife’s game day charter planes.
One year should work with Don Kelly the likely casualty being the only outfielder out of options. His ability to also play 3B was unfortunately never realised.
I like your idea Rich for 3B platoon – thinking outside the square!!

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