Few Tigers delayed to camp (Damon not included)

The good news for the Tigers on reporting day is that they don’t have another Francisco Cruceta situation on their hands. You remember him from 2008, right? He was the reliever who was stuck in the Dominican all spring with visa problems after he was supposed to be a big solution to the Tigers’ bullpen depth. Instead, Denny Bautista opened the season as Detroit’s setup man.

The bad news for the Tigers is that they have a few guys who are going to be a little late to camp:

  • Closer Jose Valverde is expected to get in on Saturday. He’s dealing with a personal situation, according to manager Jim Leyland.
  • Catcher Gerald Laird won’t be around until early next week, probably Tuesday. His sister is getting married this weekend.
  • Catcher Max St. Pierre is also expected to arrive Saturday. He and his wife are expecting their first child, if she hasn’t already given birth.

Other than that, I think all the pitchers and catchers are in. Leyland joked that he might have coach Gene Lamont don catching gear again if they need an extra body to catch bullpen sessions. Brandon Inge definitely won’t, not with his knees.

As for the Damon thing, I can confirm that there’s an open locker in the corner of the Tigers clubhouse, right in front of Leyland’s office. It belonged to Casper Wells last year, but he’s been moved over to the other side. Still, that doesn’t mean Damon’s going to fill it. Considering it sits next to Cabrera, it could also go to Andres Galarraga. Really, if I were going to put Galarraga in the clubhouse somewhere, that’s where I’d put him.


Let me get this straight…Gerald Laird hit an abysmal .225 last season and couldn’t score runners with the bases loaded in game 163 with the entire season on the line, yet his sister plans her wedding for the 1st weekend of spring training? I must be missing something. Jason Beck, please tell me Avila is ready to play everyday!!!! Laird is horrid (why did we trade Pudge for Farnsworth again)???

I don’t think that it is a big deal if he shows up a few days late. Laird is what he is. He is mediocre hitter but he is great behind the plate, he personally saved a ton of runs. Not every guy hits .300. I will agree with you at times he was highly disappointing at the plate, but so was Curtis Granderson, Polanco, Magglio, and the list goes on and on. Laird is a big part of the reason we were one game away last year, he was great with the pitchers and throwing guys out. Being 3 days late isn’t going to make a dang bit of difference.

Flojo, my same sentiments, exactly. For cripes sake, why would you plan a wedding around the start of camp when you know your brother is a MLB player? Honest to God, people can be irritating sometimes. Maybe it’s just me, though. G-$$$, you could have talked her into an earlier date, couldn’t you????

Talk the BRIDE into changing her plans…….uh…..I’ll pass. 🙂

I thought the girls were supposed to bring compassion to the website. If she is anything like my sister, she would have told me where to put it. While we are at it, surely Max could have planned it better!!🙂

Compassion? Are you kidding me? If it was my brother, there is no way I’d take him out of ST. That wouldn’t even be thinkable to me. But, then, the only thing I can think is that maybe he likes it that way………and a 3 day wedding celebration? He’s the starting catcher, for cripes sake. I can’t believe the mother and mother-in-law went along with this, not unless the groom is serving in the armed forces.

I will take my tongue out of my cheek and say this is ridiculous. With his brother also affected, there no doubt is a good family reason why the wedding was this weekend. We as fans quite rightly never get all the information involving personal matters and have to given the benefit of the doubt that those involved had the best of intentions. Laird busted his tail last season and deserves some lattitude.
Chill out before the season starts.

Now, I wasn’t even thinking about Laird and his brothers’ “problem.” I love Gerald and have always supported him because he’s such a great defensive catcher. I’m totally cool with him for our catcher. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that this wedding had to be the first weekend that pitchers and catchers report. Odd? No, not al all. ??????????????????? 🙂

Oh let the guy enjoy his sisters wedding. You know you can’t always get the exact date you want at the church, etc – we don’t know nearly all the details not to mention we shouldn’t have to – private family matter. No one is up in arms about Valverde, and with him being new to the team he of all people shouldn’t be late without a terribly good excuse! And of course 3 days for a wedding – rehearsal/wedding/recovery – he can’t show up to ST still buzzing!

How cool it is time for the sound of the bat again!!

The opening week of camp is no big deal anymore with the money players make and being able to workout all year. I think I heard that Laird has spent most of his time the last month in Lakeland.

Hi everyone, happy almost-spring! I’m glad spring training is starting as the media will have something new to talk about. I remember last year we had to listen to all the speculation about where Manny would end up, and this year to a lesser extent it’s about Damon. Interesting at first but after a while, geez, how much more analysis can possibly be made?

Getting antsy to see how the new team performs. Don’t know how but I’m hopeful that the changes – any changes – made to last year’s line up will get them out of the offense rut.
And if it were me, if I couldn’t avoid having my wedding interfere with my brother’s spring training, I’d get married at the ballpark, assuming my husband didn’t think I was crazy and become a run-away groom. – JP

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