Zumaya: "I'm probably on my last string"

I was out on vacation last week, but I’m back to work and back in Lakeland, where it almost feels like I was here a few weeks ago rather than last April. But that doesn’t compare with Joel Zumaya, who has been here since right after New Year’s weekend.

I’ll have more on Zumaya on the site tomorrow, but two things stood out that warranted mentioning. First was that this is the best his arm has felt in about 2 1/2 years, by his estimation. Second was the feeling that this might be his last shot in Detroit.

“I’m coming in to prove something,” Zumaya said Tuesday. “I’ve got a lot to prove. The last two years, I’ve been sitting on the shelf, so I’m probably on my last string right now. And I don’t want that last string to get pulled. That’s why I’m here [so early]. I’ve been here since January. I’ve been throwing and I’ve been getting a lot of complements. I’m actually proving something.”

He feels like he’s proving that he’s in good shape after surgery. And he feels like his health is no longer an issue.

“I’m not worried about the health situation anymore,” he said, “because if I had problems, I would’ve been on a rehab program right now. My offspeed pitches, I’m not really too worried about that, either, because my arm slot is totally different from where I was the last two years. It’s a lot higher. It’s actually where I’m supposed to be. I mean, the last two years, I’ve thrown with my arm slot a little low because I had that little issue. I’ve kept my mouth shut for a while. I just had to get this done and get cleaned up.

“Like I said, I’m fine.  My arm slot’s going to be a lot better. My offspeed is a lot sharper. The ball’s coming down to a point. It’s not coming flat.”


Glad to hear he is taking this serious, he does have to prove something – to stay healthy!

Jason – looking forward to hearing your on the scene reporting from spring training – you too Rich!

Wait… he’s been getting a lot of complements? Like a new pitch? A new bullpen mate? Gold teeth? Or has he been getting a lot of compliments?🙂

Erik you could just quietly tell Jason that he has a typo. Welcome back, Zoom. I think we can probably count on him and Bondo contributing. Playing well all year? Don’t know, but at least something. Willis, on the other hand, seems hopeless, bless his heart. What about Armando and Nate? Probably one of them will give us a boost, and I think probably not Nate, although a resurgence by him would be great.

Oh, come on, it was all in fun – it’s not like I called him out for the wrong use of to/too. I love Jason and everything he does for us. I even put in the stupid obligatory smiley face to show it was all in fun. Besides, it was more about the gold teeth.

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