Tigers Spring Training invites are out

Most of them, you would’ve already expected, but there are a few that you might not. Among them are Kory Casto, who stands a chance to get more time than expected at third base while Brandon Inge works his surgically repaired knees back into game shape.

Cody Satterwhite and Robbie Weinhardt are both invited. It’s a long shot for them to make the club, but a good shot for them to make an impression and set themselves up for a midseason call-up.

I’m not sure how many Spring Trainings with the Tigers this will be for Max St. Pierre, but it has to be a lot. For someone who has not appeared in a Major League game, it has to be an incredible total.

Here’s the full list:

Pitchers: Phil Dumatrait, Enrique Gonzalez, Josh Rainwater, Cody Satterwhite, Robbie Weinhardt
Catchers: Robinzon Diaz, John Murrian, Mike Rabelo, Eric Roof, Max St. Pierre
Infielders: Kory Casto, Jeff Larish, Gustavo Nunez

All in all, it isn’t a huge list compared with other years. But they really don’t need a whole lot of invites this year.

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Dink Dumbrowski has done it again.He outbid his own team to get a hasbeen.Maybe Damon and Donttell(myproblems)Willis can play catch in spring training together if either one can throw.also the Tigers might want to considerputting a bigger bullpen in so Donttell can find the plate and johnny could have a smallerporch just like Yankee stadium where he hit them Homers.

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