Tigers still aren't looking for a DH

Just in case others thought the Tigers’ search for a left-handed bat had changed their outlook on adding a designated hitter, team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski reiterated that stance Saturday at TigerFest.

He isn’t ruling out adding a bat. But they’d better bring a glove with them.

“If we sign somebody, and we’ve said this all wintertime, we don’t want them to just DH,” Dombrowski said Saturday. “If we would ever do anything, that person needs to be primarily somebody that can play another position. Because we want to keep our DH spot open. Magglio and Carlos are in [the stage of] their careers, and even Miguel — but not to that extent — we’d like to give them a day off now and then. So for us, it’s important to be able to have that guy play another position. There are a lot of what I consider DH-type bats out there, but we’re really trying to put an emphasis on going and getting the ball and playing good defense. And so that flexibility for us is important.”


Luke Scott? for a lefty reliever?

I’d trade a couple lefty relievers for Luke Scott. I’ve wanted DD to get him since the Strohs were obviously going to unload him.
We have several DH types already. I agree with DD, that any addition to the lineup should be able to play a position.
And we still need a shortstop!

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