Sizemore expects to be ready for camp

Scott Sizemore still has some small pins in his left fibula from the surgery he underwent in the fall to repair the fracture from the Arizona Fall League. But he doesn’t have the big pins that were in place to hold everything together.

More importantly, he doesn’t have any hesitation in his belief that he’ll be ready for Spring Training in about a month.

“It feels good,” Sizemore said of his ankle. “Good range of motion. It doesn’t feel achy or anything. I’m excited to start working out.”

He’ll have to wait another week for that. The holes in his bone from where the big pins were inserted through the bone, those holes still have to fill in. From there, he’ll be cleared for more running and lateral movement.

Before those pins were removed, Sizemore said, he was hitting and taking ground balls. So this coming week will be more of a short break.

He believes he should be ready. Leyland is definitely hoping for it. He could be Leyland’s best choice for a No. 2 hitter. And they need him getting time at second base alongside Adam Everett and Ramon Santiago in Spring Training.


How can your ankle feel good with pins in it? I had surgery on my big toe once and had 2 pins inserted. Needless to say, it was h***! He must have had a bad break to have that many pins put in. That worries me a bit. It really doesn’t sound like he’ll be ready and at full strength for at least 2 more months. In the meantime, how is he going to practice with the other guys if he still has pins in his ankle?

I hope the fact that Avila is a LHB is not lost on management. They can hope to develop him all they want but unless they get another LHB, they damn well may actually need him in the lineup to spell Laird more frequently than last year.

I’m hoping that Sizemore is ready, and rooting for him to do well at the MLB level. He was my favorite player on the Whitecaps 2007 Championship team.


Ooops I don’t know what happened there – but what I was saying is I hope that he is ready too. We are used to one of the best over there at second – and a guys that didn’t make many mistakes if any at all.

Yes, I’m surprised about Marcus. I’ve been hoping he’d find a team. Marcus Thames needs a job! Maybe if we all send positive thoughts his way, something will happen for him. He deserves it and needs it.

Almost all the games are broadcast on FSN. Maybe we both live in the same town as the initials are the same. I have Comcast and all the games are on channel 25 and another channel for HD.

Comment and Question:
Is anybody else surprised that Marcus Thames has not found a job yet? 30+ HR potential and character in the clubhouse and dugout. Somebody is missing the boat.
How many Tiger games are broadcast on local TV? I do get WDIV and a couple of other Detroit stations on my cable here in BC now, so I am hoping to be able to watch some games other than on the computer.

Thanks Pup. I live in British Columbia. we get WTVS, WDIV, WXYZ and WWJ on our cable– with 3 of those stations also in HD.
I guess I could subbscribe to MLBTV again and use and HDMI cable from the laptop to the TV. Haven’t tried that yet!

Hi Dan. I’m surprised you get those Detroit locals. I hooked up my laptop to the TV with an HDMI cable a couple weeks ago and replayed some games on MLBTV from last season. It looked darned good to me. The HDMI seemed to smooth it out pretty well. And, if things go as in previous seasons, MLBTV will release upgraded software which may make it even better. If you’ve got the annual package, you can give it a pre-season test run. Just choose a game we won! 🙂 I made the mistake of looking at the 163rd game and got depressed all over again.
Did you try for any tickets to the Olympics?

Glad to hear about the HDMI.
I don’t think it likely for me to go to the Olympics–too far away, too costly and personally not interested in feeding the “machine”. I will watch and I will be hoping that Canada is able to “win” these games for the first time. I guess I share in the hypocracy.
I hope the Tigers can get a decent year out of Sizemore and that the left side of the infield is mjore reliable offensively than they were last year. Sure would like to see a prospect with the potential that , Wells, Boesch, Ramirez or Strieby has, to emerge at 3rd.. I bet we will see Larish or Kelly pushed to learn how to play there this year.

I surely hope we didn’t let go of Polanco because we are “expecting” and “believing” that Sizemore is ready. This is a big concern of mine, I hope I am not reading too much into the wording of everything, but they should be 100% certain before letting go someone the caliber of Polanco.

All Tigers games are on FSN or FSN+ unless of course they are picked up for Saturday, Sunday or Monday nationally televised games.
I was listening on the radio last night to Dan Dickerson and Pat Caputo on the weekley Tigers show. It was interesting some of the thing that they were saying and one thing was this. This team not since 2006 have we had a real infusion of youth especially position players on this team. This team has done a real good job with its pitchers but as far as position players who have we really seen except for Granderson in 2006 some have come up and down over the last few years but because of big contract and sheer talent there has been no real room for an infusion of youth. Although I am on record as being afraid of some of these changes it will certianly be interesting to watch them.

2nd base makes me the most nervous. Our pitchers are so used to having a great defense behind them the past couple years. You know he’s gonna make some errors, and we’re just not used to that.
When in the heck are we going to hear something about Verlander. Now, that is really starting to get on my nerves.

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