Dombrowski: We haven't expressed interest

While the Tigers still aren’t saying anything official about a Jose Valverde deal, they’re throwing some cold water on the Johnny Damon market at the moment. Through a team spokesperson, Dombrowski said they have not expressed interest in Damon.

Now, lest anyone forget, Dombrowski said early last week that they were “content with what we have now” in the bullpen without ruling out a move. Earlier this week, he apparently told Jim Bowden that they were focused on the back end of the bullpen. Now, they’re on the verge of adding Valverde.

So, while Dombrowski hasn’t talked with agent Scott Boras about Damon, and they apparently haven’t expressed interest, that’s the situation at the moment.



I’m glad. The last thing the Tigers need is a 36 year old LF. He would’nt fit in and and it just does’nt seem right.

All I could think of was Gary Sheffield revisited with someone stuck with the poisoned DH chalice.
Seems like they are delaying Valverde to work out who comes off the roster – a shame if we lose someone with out a trade involved.
If Lincecum gets $20m in arbitration as rumoured, sure will blow a huge hole in the budget for JV who would have to be worth at least $10m with 2008 the only thing stopping close to parity pay.

I think that the Tigers should seriously look into Johnny Damon. The tigers have the money for him so they should be able to work out a 2-3 year deal with him. I believe he is better than Sheffield and he has a love for the game of baseball. He would be a huge plus to the Tigers lineup.

I hope that the Tigers seriously reconsider there thoughts about Damon. He is a great player and i think would help the club out with his bat and his glove.

The only thing i see with the Tigers decisions this off season is a bag over my head cause it don’t look pretty. Damon, i hope that you have thoughts of coming to Detroit cause we can surely use you.!

Papa Grande still hasn’t had his physical yet and we have 4 guys arbitration eligible. This could get interesting in the coming week or two. It’s unusual for us to have this many go to arbitration. Hope that gets settled soon. Will someone have to come off the roster for Valverde to go on? Will we get another bat?

In my humble opinion, I like Johhny Damon, but not for more than ONE year at a time. He has experience. How many weeks until the Pitchers and Catchers report? I was watching the ’06 World Series on the MLB network this weekend. I saw how bad the throw was from JV to 3rd base. That was 3 YEARS sgo! Go Tigers 2010! –Dave

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