Slew of minor league contracts

The Tigers officially announced 17 players signed to minor league contracts so far this offseason. Several of them had already been known. Some have been signed for more than a month. Still, it’s worth some interest to take a look at some of the names.

One we didn’t know until now was catcher Mike Rabelo, who returns to his original organization two years after going to Florida with five prospects in the trade for Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis. Though the Tigers haven’t announced spring training invites for these guys yet, one would expect Rabelo to be in camp as one of the extra catchers the Tigers always need for the first few weeks when lots of pitchers are in camp throwing their side sessions. On a similar note, Max St. Pierre also returns.

Macay McBride resigned with the Tigers earlier in the offseason. He hasn’t pitched competitively since opening day of the 2008 season, but while it’s hard to see a whole lot of opportunity for lefties to advance to Detroit these days, the deal allows McBride to continue his rehab process with the same medical staff who have handled it the last couple years.

Here’s the list of the guys announced:

RHPs: Enrique Gonzalez (confirmed — he’ll get camp invite), Ruddy Lugo, Josh Rainwater
LHPs: Phil Dumatrait, Ryan Ketchner, Macay McBride, Sam Narron, Jason Waddell
Cs: Andy Bouchie, Robinzon Diaz, Mike Rabelo, Max St. Pierre
IFs: Kory Casto, Santo De Leon, Cesar Nicolas, Jason Stokes
OF: Ryan Patterson


Well, the link had a good run but it finally got booted again from the Tigers main site. 5 weeks until pitchers report! Go Tigers.

“and catchers” I should have added!

The link to the blog gets buried if there are too many stories listed on the main page. If that happens, click on “news homepage” at the bottom of the list and the link will be listed there.
I always liked Rabelo. Not much chance of seeing him in Detroit, but it’s good to have him back. Be nice to have him at ST.
Still waiting on Valverde news. It will be an even longer wait before we pick up a hitter or two. This team can still compete if JL lets them.

That is an extra click I just don’t have time for, Rich. Sarcasm at its finest!
Valverde would definitely be a pleasant surprise. Mr. Dombrowski needs to show Justin the money soon. That is what I want to hear.


Wow, obtaining Valverde is far and away the best piece of news for some time. Interesting “swap” – Lyon goes to Houston for 3yrs/$15m and we get Valverde in return for 2+1yrs/$14+9m. A close call but I think Valverde is more consistent and the better closer.
Sure increases the optimism for the new season – now to obtain a young utility 3B/SS backup with potential.
Will be interesting to see JV’s arbitration figures – looks like neither party wants to get a long term deal done until 2010 has been negotiated.

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