Couple thoughts on Valverde

No question, the radio rumor of a two-year offer on Jose Valverde raised notice among Tigers fans. As surprising as it seems — hey, I’m one of those who have repeatedly pointed out the Tigers’ historic reluctance to go to multi-year contracts on relievers — there are two things to consider on that.

  1. Though the Tigers weren’t about to match the 3-year, $15 million contract Brandon Lyon signed with the Astros last month, they were at least willing to consider a two-year contract for him. They remained in talks on Lyon after it became clear he was only weighing multi-year offers.
  2. There’s a line of thought that if you’re going to give up a first-round draft pick to sign a reliever, you almost have to do a two-year contract to justify it. It lessens the risk of the reliever having a bad year or missing time and dropping his ranking in the Type A/Type B free agent list. I’m not sure I agree with that line of thought, especially if you believe Valverde is at the top of his game and would almost surely remain a Type A free agent if he stays healthy, but several observers around baseball suggested it.

Look for more about the draft pick on the site.


Thank you, Jason. I really hoped the Tigers could retain Lyon, too. Now we have an opportunity to get a first class closer. It gives a club credibility and the fans some hope.

I’ve been a Lyon fan for some years, but Valverde is a better pitcher. I’d much rather see the Tigers go two years on Valverde than three on Lyon, especially with his injury history.
Glad to see you back from vacation, Jason. Thanks for all the updates.

Jason, two good articles on the closer situation.
I sure hope we can get Valverde for 2 years and around the $10-12m mark. Assuming he pulls it off, DD looks like he has played his cards well not overextending for Lyon and not being interested in Rodney signing a 2 year $11m with the Angels.
With so many lefties available in the pen, a trade involving Seay is on the cards. A young utility backup 3B/SS would be perfect to fix the final glaring hole remaining.
Interesting about Laird who started the 2009 season hitting .286/.369/.411 and faded to .225/.306/.320 overall.
Management has always stated they wanted to pace Laird’s playing time but I was surprised how glaring his stats have been.
Laird showed at the Rangers that he can contribute more consistently if paced hitting .296/.332/.473 from 243 AB’s in 2006 and .276/.329/.398 from 344 AB’s in 2008.
Strangely, even when sparingly used, Laird has every season always hit considerably worse post break with career pre break stats of .269/.331/.394 from 856 AB’s and .224/.279/.338 post break from 782 AB’s.
The planned platooning with Avila should deliver some pleasant surprises.
Pardon for showing my ignorance but does Scherzer signing a 4 year MLB contract for 2007-2010 not override the major league playing time required before becoming a free agent?

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