January 12th, 2010

Couple thoughts on Valverde

No question, the radio rumor of a two-year offer on Jose Valverde raised notice among Tigers fans. As surprising as it seems — hey, I’m one of those who have repeatedly pointed out the Tigers’ historic reluctance to go to multi-year contracts on relievers — there are two things to consider on that.

  1. Though the Tigers weren’t about to match the 3-year, $15 million contract Brandon Lyon signed with the Astros last month, they were at least willing to consider a two-year contract for him. They remained in talks on Lyon after it became clear he was only weighing multi-year offers.
  2. There’s a line of thought that if you’re going to give up a first-round draft pick to sign a reliever, you almost have to do a two-year contract to justify it. It lessens the risk of the reliever having a bad year or missing time and dropping his ranking in the Type A/Type B free agent list. I’m not sure I agree with that line of thought, especially if you believe Valverde is at the top of his game and would almost surely remain a Type A free agent if he stays healthy, but several observers around baseball suggested it.

Look for more about the draft pick on the site.


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