Hindsight: Tigers weren't really in on Podsednik

podsednik.jpgThe supposed Scott Podsednik sweepstakes ended Friday with the outfielder signing a one-year with the Royals for $1.75 million plus incentives. Considering Scotty Pods was rumored to be in the Tigers’ sights earlier this offseason, that set up the question of what happened with Detroit and the former White Sox speedster.

According to president/general manager Dave Dombrowski, there wasn’t really much going on in the first place.

“We did not really pursue that,” Dombrowski said Friday.

Though other teams viewed Podsednik as an option in center field — he’s expected to be the starter in center in KC — the Tigers didn’t see him that way. They didn’t see him much as an outfield option, and they weren’t looking for him to be a designated hitter.

For that matter, they aren’t looking for anybody on the market to be their designated hitter. If they add a hitter in the final weeks of the offseason, it’s going to be somebody who can play a position. That basically rules out any Jim Thome rumors.

“We’re not looking to add a DH,” Dombrowski said. “We’ve said that all along.”

They did say that at the start of the offseason, that they’re not looking for a full-time DH. They wanted that spot to remain open to rotate Carlos Guillen and Magglio Ordonez when they aren’t in the corner outfield spots, allowing them to get some semi-regular time for Ryan Raburn and maybe others. Though the Tigers still wouldn’t mind looking for offense, they still hold that outlook at DH.

The Tigers could add a hitter, Dombrowski said, “if you’ve got the right situation. But it would have to be the right guy.”

Asked how hard it’ll be to find such a fit, Dombrowski said, “You look and see what’s out there.”


D.D. stay tough buddy! Scotty Poddy was/is NOT someone i wanted for the next 3 years, even if he could have batted lead off……he still was never going to fit into our outfielding…

DD has rightfully wanted Maggs and Carlos to share DH since Sheff was cut before the 2009 season to improve defense and enable them to see out their 2011 contracts.
With Raburn (deserves to play everyday) and Thomas OF insurance, it makes sense that any offensive upgrade is made in the infield. Larish, Ramon or Dlugach as insurance for Sizemore, Everett and Inge is clearly the weak offensive link of the team.

I agree our infield can’t hit, but disagree that Raburn deserves to play everyday. His defense is AA, his bat is avg. MLB……why does he deserve to play again?

Raburn’s hitting alone deserves a spot going .291/.359/.533 in 2009 and despite being stop/start with the Tigers has career stats of .27/.329/.461. His stats show he hits better at the top of the order with leadoff not beyond him with his .345/.413/.691 from 55 AB’s in 2009. Since leaving Toledo, his stolen base and success rate stats have dropped markedly but that has been the norm with all players coming up.
I felt sorry for Raburn at 3B where he hasn’t played in the Minors since 2003 having been used between 2B and the OF. Allowing him to focus on LF/CF during the offseason should put him in good stead for this season.

Raburn will have to work on his outfield play and, if he’s the kind of guy JL thinks he is, he’ll do just that. Right now he needs to learn when to leave his feet. Answer: seldom. His hitting could go either way but he has a good track record in the minors. One concern I’d have is if he feels he has to carry too much of the offensive load and starts to press.
If the roster remains as it is now, I think Clete Thomas is going to get a lot of PT. It’s important to keep him out of the 3-5 holes because he changes his approach when he hits in what he perceives as power spots. That’s where the long swing business came from. He doesn’t do that hitting leadoff.
All of this can change since we’re talking about guys with relatively little big league experience. It’s nearly impossible to predict if they’ll do better or worse. If there’s to be anything interesting about 2010, that will be it.

My heart belongs to Ryan Raburn. I hope he does well in ST. He’s made a few fielding blunders, but has a tremendous arm. How can anyone forget that throw he made to Laird to get a guy out. Hopefully, Jim won’t experiment with putting Clete in the 3 hole again. I think he wants Clete to be that guy, but it’s just not happening for him, at least so far. I just can’t imagine who will be our leadoff guy.

Sorry for bringing up old news but I paid little attention to the Tigers during December – part of the healing process!!
The December megadeal doesn’t make sense to me. NY effectively gave up 2 pitchers – Kennedy and Coke and the OF Jackson for Curtis of which Arizona got Kennedy.
We got Scherzer who is off contract after 2010 with Boras his manager and Schlereth, both pitchers with potential but far from tried and proven even in the NL for Edwin Jackson who comes off contract in 2011.
It is debateable between Kennedy and Schlereth which leaves it down to a straight swap for Edwin ($2.2m + arbitration) and Scherzer ($1.08m), both with Boras yet Edwin is also tied down in 2011 before FA.
Was the cupboard that bare that we couldn’t afford to pay Edwin’s arbitration increase or did DD loose track of the pieces??

Dave B, I didn’t research this but it’s my understanding that Scherzer is under club control for five more years. That would be the difference between his situation and Jackson’s. I also hear some very good things about this guy. Only time will tell if this was a good trade or not.
It’s been ten years, but we may finally be seeing the creation of a team that’s built to play in Comerica Park. Pitching pitching pitching. Heck, I’d be okay with moving the fences back to the original configuration and creating our own House of Horrors for opposing hitters. If we could field a fundamentally sound team with good pitching, we could replace Minnesota as a top mid-market team, complete with a huge homefield advantage.
I’ve gone back and forth on this, but I think signing Valverde is worth the draft pick. I don’t know if they can reach an agreement on salary, but adding this guy would keep us in contention for 2010. He seems to be the real deal. Rodney and Lyon wanted multi-year deals, and Polanco’s age was working against him. Signing the 30-year old Valverde makes sense, and would signal that we are serious about 2010, while still building the team for subsequent years.
Looks like booking my spring training trip has brought back the optimism. Weeks 2 and 3, I’m there. Looking forward to seeing what we’ve got.

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