Tram, Morris fall short on Hall ballot

Not that it’s going to be a shock, but the Hall of Fame debate over Alan Trammell and Jack Morris will go on for at least another year. While members of the BBWAA elected Andre Dawson to the Hall, Trammell and Morris again fell short.

Morris continued his progress in balloting with a noticeable jump in votes. He garnered 282 votes, or 52.3 percent of the electorate. Trammell’s support remained in its usual range with 121 votes, good for 22.4 percent. A candidate needs to be selected on 75 percent of all ballots to be inducted.

Thus, the 1984 World Champion Tigers remain without a player in the Hall of Fame. Their only member in Cooperstown remains their manager, Sparky Anderson.


So where are we up to with the Tigers getting a team in place for 2010.
My one big criticism of DD remains true – he never deals with his mistakes which are left to hang around the team indefinitely. All other team managers seem to be able to move their deadwood on.
Rich’s comments about needing some more pop is spot on with only likely regulars Cabrera and Raburn with >. 500 slugging followed by Carlos .419 and Inge .406. Debate on Cust didn’t get very far with his resigning with the A’s.
With the SP’s likely JV; RP; Max Scherzer; JB and AG or Eddie Bonine, that leaves Nate and Willis again in the bullpen unless more medicals are able to be written. With four lefties already there with Ni, Coke, Schlereth and Seay, DD has his work cut out for him to ensure the bullpen is chosen on merit and not contract size. When you throw no one with closer form, this is easily the biggest challenge for DD before opening day.
It looks like we will have at least one more trade before opening day and Seay will be on the move.

Sorry, I am not a Magg hater – it was a genuine error leaving him off with Magg’s .428 in 2009. If he can consistently get back to his career .513 which he did post all star in 2009 with .540, we will be all right.

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