Gammons on Trammell: Have to had seen him’s newest analyst/columnist, Peter Gammons, gave his Hall of Fame ballot and his reasoning for his votes. That isn’t new, and certainly his inclusion of Tigers great Alan Trammell isn’t. Still, I think his explanation for picking Trammell was as well-put as anybody:

Darrell Evans used to say that every throw Trammell made was perfect to
catch, and amidst the four Gold Gloves, Trammell was the ultimate in
consistency in the field. His numbers put him in the top 15-20
shortstops who ever played, he should have been the MVP in 1987, he was
the dominant player of the 1984 postseason, and this year Joe Sheehan
changed his mind and voted for Trammell. There are times when you have
to have seen a player, and Trammell was one of them.

Of the 13 writers eligible to vote for Hall of Fame, four of them voted for Trammell. Five voted for Jack Morris. You can read their individual reasoning here.

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Well put by both of these gentlemen – sometimes being an outstanding player while also being humble and just doing your job doesn’t earn you as much credit as you should have. I am biased, Tram has and always will be my Tiger, such a shame he can’t get the nod I believe he deserves.

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