Laird hopes to clear up info on arrest

Dave Dombrowski said Monday that he expects to talk with Gerald Laird shortly about the events that led to the Tigers catcher’s arrest last week at a Phoenix Suns basketball game on an assault citation.

Laird can’t say much publicly about the incident at this point, but he hopes to clear up the matter soon.

“It’s been kind of a misunderstanding and a little blown out of proportion,” Laird told by phone Monday evening.

According to the Arizona Republic, the 30-year-old Laird was arrested along with his younger brother, Yankees prospect Brandon Laird, after what Phoenix police characterized as a fight in a lounge at the U.S. Airways Center after last Wednesday’s Suns game against the Celtics. The report quoted a Phoenix police sergeant saying that Gerald Laird and a third person interfered with arena security as guards tried to arrest Brandon Laird following the fight.

Dombrowski said Laird left a message with him shortly after the arrest. Dombrowski and his family were on vacation at the time.

“He placed a call to me and we have not talked yet,” Dombrowski said. “I’m sure we’ll be talking, but I was up to date.”


I put that altercation into the “boys will be boys” category and left it at that. You’ve got your brother involved and things can blow up. It was also non-baseball related.
From the previous post on the Hudson rumor, I guess I’ve done a good job of staying away from the rumor mill because that’s the first I’ve heard of it. As you put it, Jason, why let Polanco go only to turn around and sign Hudson? Nothing against Hudson, by the way. Can you imagine the O-Dog in the same clubhouse with Dontrelle? It wouldn’t be dull, that’s for sure!
I suppose I should begin looking forward to 2010. To tell the truth, the end of 2009 bothers me now more than it did at the time, and I knew at the time it would bother me more as time passed. That took a huge bite out of my Tigers-watching enjoyment. Hopefully I’m back to normal by spring training, as I plan to make the trip again. Anyway, that’s why I’ve not had much to say, coupled with the fact that I’m sure everyone is tired of hearing me rag on Leyland. Everytime I’ve started to write something, I end up on that subject and don’t post it.
I think we need to pick up another hitter before Opening Day. It also sounds like Zumaya is penciled in as the closer and, if so, it will take multiple disasters to replace him once the season starts. Once the decision is made, stubbornness sets in. I still expect an injury, so they’d better make sure they’ve got some dependable pitchers plugged into the 7th and 8th innings so they can move one to closer if need be.

Rich – do we still have Lyon? I can’t remember if he stayed with us or not – I guess if so he would be my thought for closer and keeping Zoom as a set up guy – Lyon just seems to have a better even-keeled approach. Although if Zoom is truly healthy, he does have a lot of fire in him, but I think that is what gets him into trouble with injuries.

Tiger Girl unfortunately Lyon signed with the Astro’s (as least I think it was the Astro’s) but anyway the Tigers let him slip away as well. I hope like crazy that they try to come up with a few other people for that pen, there is almost nobody reliable there.
I too get really angry about the way the season ended. Unlike you I don’t put the blame squarely on JL. Infact I was watching MLB network the other day and they had a program on called “The Best Games of 2009” and as some of you may know they named the play in game between the Tigers and the Twins the best game of the year. And I got mad all over again. Only if Raburn had played that flyball into a single rather than trying to make a catch. If only the umpire would of called that hit by pitch on Brandon. If only we wouldn’t have left 29 men on base including 5 by Polanco, 8 from Inge and 10 from Laird.
But lets not forget that the Twins played over .800 ball over the last 21 games. Greinke pitched probably his worst game of the season against the Twins on the last weekend and that was the one and only time they saw Greinke all year. We saw Peavy twice in the last week, Twins, never. And we have that (insert explative here) Ozzie Guillen to thank for switching his rotation around just to screw us over. But it is over


I am not sure if we will have much to look forward to this year. I seriously have considered not renewing my tickets this year, but probably will. We have two guys that can hit, we don’t have a lead off guy, we don’t have a closer, we have a guy at second baseman who will not make a million errors, and it will probably be worse in the majors than it was in the minors. So no I am not expecting much and plan on major disappointment. 2006 was their chance and they went limp after the ALCS and laid down for the Cardinals who they had and have handled easily.

Look forward to seeing you again in Spring Training, Rich. Of course, with weather like this, I’m looking forward to seeing myself at Spring Training again.

I looked at the weather yesterday, Jason, and it was 50 degrees in Orlando, Dunedin, and Tampa. That will change by March, but there was that day in Bradenton last spring where we nearly froze. The entire two weeks we were there it was on the chilly side most days. I hope to make it two weeks again, but it may be one.
GK, I don’t like JL’s managing even when we’re winning so that will never change. It will be interesting to see how he handles these youngsters.
It will also be interesting to see how the Twins do without the biggest homefield advantage in all of sports. The Metrodome was the one subject the Hawk and I agreed on. 🙂

Lyon signed for 15 million dollars. We didn’t have a chance keeping him. And, Rich, I felt the same exact way you did while watching the MLB Network. They showed all the top plays from the AL, and then we had to witness game #163. MLB Network loved it. It probably was the best and most exciting game of the season and even the post season. I wanted to cry and felt infuriated all over again.

Who knows what we’ll get from this team. Who knows if any player might surprisingly emerge during Spring Training. Oh, how I envy those of you who will be there. I’m concerned about Sizemore, Carlos, and our new centerfielder. I’m not expecting much, but I hope they surprise us in a good way.

Thanks – didn’t realize I was out of the loop – December I guess I spent little time online and must have missed it in the paper. So we sold off Rodney and Brandon? Ugh, that leaves us with zero experience for a closer role – lovely. The boys with the big money contracts need to overwhelm us with terrific performances to make up for all we have lost due to purging payroll.

Not a firesale?

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