Phil Nevin set to take over at Erie

The Tigers won’t be announcing their minor league coaching staffs this week, but one big hire is set: Former Tiger Phil Nevin is poised to return to the organization to take over as manager at Double-A Erie.

The Los Angeles Times first reported the story Thursday morning. Nevin was here in Indianapolis for the Winter Meetings.

The 38-year-old Nevin reportedly spent last year managing for the first time in independent ball with the Orange County Flyers of the Golden Baseball League. His first shot in affiliated ball will come in the same organization where he played from 1995 to ’97.

The Tigers acquired Nevin in 1995 from the Astros, who had made him the first overall pick of the 1992 Draft. He was part of the Mike Henneman. Two years ago, Detroit traded him to the Angels along with Matt Walbeck, who was Erie’s skipper in 2006-07 and won Eastern League Manager of the Year honors.

The Erie job opened up when the Tigers promoted Tom Brookens to take over as first-base coach in Detroit. Nevin will make it four consecutive former Tigers to manage the SeaWolves.


why would you hire a guy with that little experience to coach AA? Wouldn’t it be better to promote everyone up a level and have him start at the bottom?

I guess I will make a comment on this thread. Congrats to Phil! Dan, give us your comments on the recent trade. Dave, where are the stats on the new guys. Marty, how is the weather in Rochester? Greg, the schools have had 3 snow days this week.
Rich, will we be wasting our time watching in 2010? GK, I still love Comerica Park. I have not been to stadiums all over the USA but there is something about walking around downtown and having a cold one at the Detroiter in the summer……..How about it pup, does that warm you up? –Dave

The first preference for the Tigers when a minor league manager’s job opens up is usually to hire from within, and that route was considered this time. In this case, it didn’t work out.

Hey everyone,
I’m out here. No snow days in Roanoke, Va. My kids are totally nuts right now as we have seven days to go till Christmas break. I’ve laid low and kept quiet.You all know I hate Curt Flood. From his court case on down, baseball was altered from a true passion and past time to the business it is today. I am heartbroken that Grandy and Polly are gone, along with Jackson. My son came in from JMU last night and assures me that the Tigers got the good side of the deal.
I hope he’s right, but to be perfectly honest, I still haven’t gotten over the Howard Johnson and Travis Fryman deals.
We go from year to year having to find new players to cheer on. Call me a fanatic, but depressed Tiger.

Dave, I think I am in the same boat as the rest of the Blog -my energy levels for the Tigers feel like there at an all time low – yes I have short a memory!!
Curtis as the team/City role model is irreplaceable, yet Austin Jackson could be the best of the 4 we picked up.
Jackson hit .3/.354/.409 at AAA in 2009 and was equally good against left or righties. He hit .338/.379/.434 with runners on for 65 RBI’s. His biggest worry is the lack of power at the AAA level – no HR’s in 192 AB’s post all star and only 4 for the season in 504 AB’s. He seems quick and smart with 24 SB’s from 28 attempts and makes few errors in the outfield with only two in 2009 with one each in LF and CF.

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