Granderson/Jackson trade is official

It's a done deal: the Tigers have sent Curtis Granderson to the Yankees and Edwin Jackson to the Diamondbacks in exchange for Max Scherzer, Daniel Schlereth, Austin Jackson and Phil Coke. The three GMs are scheduled to have a news conference at 4:30 pm. Look for that on if you're not by a TV.


Wont this early announcemnet put 2 40 man roster players for the Tigers at risk during rule 5 draft?

As a lifelong Tiger fan it pains me to say this, but with every announcement that is made I am losing interest in this team. Let me re-phrase that: with every announcement I’m losing interest in this organization because of it’s current leadership. Mr. Ilitch, if you want to win a World Series you’re going to need to find a new GM.

Just moved and got the computer and TV back on. OMG!

I’m certainly not losing interest in the Tigers. Grandy is probably thrilled beyond joy going to a competitive team like the Yankees and playing on such a big stage. He’s a business major who loves challenges and I hope he’s successful because Yankee fans can be unmerciful if you don’t produce. I hated losing Thames and Polly because I knew then, the team of ’06 that we all loved was being dismantled. It’s hard to let go to guys that you enjoy watching, but this new team may turn out to be just as lovable as some of our former Tiger teams. Of all the players, losing Thames and Jackson was the hardes for me to accept emotionally.

My guess is that Don Kelly and Eddie Bonine will be taken off the 40-man to make room for the new guys. Each would probably be available, and be amenable to, return on minor league deals with invitations to spring training. I don’t think either of them started last spring on the 40-man and it turned out ok for both.

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