Granderson, Jackson deal agreed upon … now the wait

The Tigers, Diamondbacks and Yankees have agreed in principle on their trade, sending Curtis Granderson to New York and Edwin Jackson to Arizona. For now, however, the trade is still pending final reviews. Granderson hasn’t yet heard from the Tigers, much like Andrew Miller didn’t hear from the Tigers after he was in the Miguel Cabrera trade. In fact, Granderson hasn’t heard from the Tigers for a while now, which wasn’t a good sign in itself.

I think everybody anticipated the fallout from this deal was going to be big. Judging from what I’m hearing from folks back in Detroit, it’s huge. How that follows over the coming days as the reports and the interviews unfold is going to be very interesting.


Granderson and Jackson are both at crossroads in their careers. If Grandy can’t learn to hit lefties, the superstardom many of us predicted will not come to pass and NY fans may make it tough on him. If Jackson can’t find a consistency over a full season, he will never be a big winner. A bad start by either or both next year and you are looking at much less trade value, while still having to pay them each a lot of money.
The combined 24 years that the Tigers can control the new guys at reasonable prices frees up money to spend elsewhere, as well as potentially providing options in the rotation, bullpen and CF. Since we are losing an SP, CF and likely 2 best bullpen guys, the replacements make sense.
Scherzer and Coke are now established major leaguers, and Schlereth has experience in the bigs as well. The CF Jackson is 22 and spent last year at AAA. It’s not like the Tigers traded Grandy and EJax for 3 A-ball players…

Buck, agreed, the players will be missed. As far as attendance goes, it was down WITH these guys in 2009 and things didn’t look to get any better in 2010 anyway. I bet they will pick up at least 1 major guy in the next offseason that will make fans want to come to the ballpark in 2011 and beyond. If they don’t, then I agree this move is more questionable.

Just from a purely public relations perspective, I don’t think this is going to go over very well in Detroit. Actually, after giving it some more thought, I don’t think this is going to be pretty at all. Curtis was becoming the face of the Tigers, and I think he was a perfect fit in Detroit… a good work ethic and he doesn’t have the celebrity mentality. Trading one of your most popular players, when attendance is already down, is not very smart. And to trade him to the Yankees, well that’s never good.
Even though he was only a Tiger for one season, I think most fans liked Jackson too. And I know he was well liked and respected among the pitchers and the rest of the team. Both of these guys will be missed.

I can tell you from what little I have listened to sports talk radio over the last couple of days, it isn’t going over at all. I haven’t heard one positive remark regarding it. And as I said earlier as a season ticket holder for 5 years I really don’t think that I will be renewing my tickets. I don’t know how I can. I will go to games but I am not going to make the $2000 investment (not including parking and food/drinks at the stadium)
Is this bad, I wouldn’t like it I wouldn’t feel as bad about it if he weren’t going to the Yankees????
Someone suggested earlier in a previous blog that Scherzer is an upgrade to Jackson – Really is that what you think??
You need to look at the numbers a little closer yes, he had 174 strikeouts in 170.1 innings pitched, but remember add on 3 times a game throwing to pitcher?? Jackson had an ERA of 3.62 and Scherzer 4.12 and he pitched in the national league?? He hit twice as many batters. He walked nearly as many batters and threw 44 less innings?? So while I respect your opinion this guy is no Edwin Jackson. As most of the professional pundents are saying they don’t see why AZ would do this unless they know something nobody else does about these guys.
This bites all the way around as far as I am concerned.

Well, if Granderson is gone, then I can cancel the trips I had to see Tigers and my favorite player (Granderson) play in Kansas City this year.

The one thing missing from your comparison of Jackson and Scherzer, happy_buck, is that the former was a 4 yr veteran and Scherzer a rookie. Jackson showed a great deal of poise, and jumped a level in terms of maturity the first half of last year, but it is entirely possible that what he showed the second half and his first three years is closer to what he’ll be the next few years. Let’s give our man Knapp some time with Max and see what he looks like in a year or two.

I’m cautiously optimistic about this trade. If the new guys perform, that’ll go a long way to easing the pain of Grandy’s departure. They just can’t trade Miggy now, no matter what.

I see Max and Austin both as potential All-Stars, and Coke’s pretty good. Don’t know nuthin’ ’bout no Schlereth. His K To BB rates and WHIP all looked good until he hit the MLB. But he’s only had 19 innings above AA and 40 in the Pros altogether, so not much to evaluate.

My biggest concern is that they gave up their two best chips and didn’t add any organizational depth to SS or 3B. Relief pitching is a relative strength, and most of our decent positon prospects are OFs.

Who play center this year? By all accounts Austin is not ready for the bigs – if he was he would be playing center and not Curtis??

I meant playing center for the Yankees.

DD says there is no fire sale, hey, dont pi#$ on my boot and tell me it’s raining.

This is a very minor point to bring up concerning this trade, but the Tigers have now lost a left-handed bat in the line-up (Granderson). This LHB issue has been debated for several seasons now. (Jacque Jones, Aubrey Huff, Matt Joyce, Jeff Larish, etc) Even if Austin jackson can match the output from Granderson, this LHB problem has been compounded.

Did the Tigers have much of a choice, here? NO! They had Edwin, Curtis and Cabrera to trade…..and needed to lose the inflated payroll. Every person who is PO’d should have been to more games this year cuz our attendance is like 15th in the league or something like that.

And besides, we got 4 players who can play TODAY…..YES, Jackson can play today….if we play maggs in RF and Carlos in LF……then **** we could play ernie harwell in CF and it would be better than those guys.

Did the Jeff Weaver trade look good to you back then?

Well I guess we can kiss 2010 goodbye. The team has been gutted. Polanco, Granderson and Jackson are gone. What are we left with? Ordonez, Guillen and Inge remain as well as Willis, Bonderman and Robertson. The only quality players being Verlander and Caberra and who knows if DD doesn’t trade them as well. If the team was so interested in payroll why was Ordonez allowed to get his money? We let Sheffield walk with his money and keep Maggs and the rest of them. Where is the logic?

I don’t see why the Tigers feel the need to get cheap with the good young proven major leaguers but yet they were ready to over spend on the old and/or questionable guys: Sheff, Mags, Guillen, Pudge, Dontrell et al.

I have not been this mad at my favorite team since Juan Gonzalez. First the Fat Boys break up now this. What should have been the mainstay in CF is now a Yankee??

This drastically reduces my enthusiasm towards next season. If the new guys make the team better then I’ll give the due credit. But at this point I don’t look forward to baseball season, feels like the previous 15 years or so prior to the short lived spurt they just killed.

I’m not a fan of trading Grandy, but his lack of progress has kinda disappointed.

EJax is a complete wildcard. Is he the budding young star that he looked like the first half of the season? Or is he the guy that the Dodgers and Rays gave up on – the guy that had a 5.07 ERA with a 1.527 WHIP during the 2nd half of last year (15 starts)

Was the 1st half a mirage and the Tigers are selling at a high point?

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