Tigers, Everett agree to one-year deal

What had been negotiations on hold for Adam Everett quickly became a deal Monday evening. The two sides agreed to terms on a one-year contract, bringing back the shortstop credited with helping improve Detroit’s infield defense.

The deal came together quickly, just hours after negotiations seemed to be in a holding pattern and Everett was drawing some interest from the Pirates. The Tigers, meanwhile, had been talking with the agent for fellow free-agent shortstop Bobby Crosby.

It was around the first day of last year’s Winter Meetings that the Tigers reached an agreement with Everett, then coming off an injury-shortened campaign with the Twins. He rebounded in 2009 by retaking his role among the better defensive shortstops in baseball.

Everett’s 8.9 Ultimate Zone Rating, a measure of balls hit into a position player’s area that he should get, ranked fourth among Major League shortstops. He committed 14 errors out of 457 total chances over 118 games for a .969 fielding percentage.

Everett’s offense, never his strength, still ended up better than many expected when he signed. He batted .238 with 21 doubles, three home runs and 44 RBIs, while batting .270 with runners in scoring position. He hit .364 (8-for-22) with a runner on third and two out.

Everett’s return, or some sort of veteran shortstop, became all the more important once the Tigers officially lost free agent second baseman Placido Polanco to the Phillies last week.

“Basically, we have our infield back except for the change at second base,” said team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski, whose team now will count on rookie Scott Sizemore to take over at second.

Everett will continue to take the bulk of the duty at shortstop, with Ramon Santiago being mixed in.


Santiago has definitely played a bit of 2B over the years (he came in 2003 and played SS everyday). Since nobody knows much about sizemore (will his defense REALLY be THAT bad?, is his bat legit at the MLB level?)……i think it’s early to say who will play how many games at 2B.

However, I am with you illinoifan, i think Santiago should play at least a chunk of 2B…if not most.

That was quick. Maybe the talks with Crosby fell through. Can anyone remind me about something that has slipped my 68 year old mind? Back in 2003, which positions did Santiago and Infante play? I am thinking maybe with Everett back that Santiago could help Sizemore out at 2nd base if that was his original position. Thanks.

Infante was the shortstop and Santiago played second. Seattle tried him at short after the Guillen trade. Infante then moved to a utility role.

I think he saw the handwriting on the wall at the Rex Sox for MS. Not that I’m unhappy about it. He’s a solid SS.

We still haven’t heard anything about Lyon and Rodney. Only a couple more hours to see if they accept arbitration. It’s not looking good.

jmp56inva is absolutely right, except that both Infante and Santiago had minor league time in at both positions. Both were considered at SS if only one of them made it; Santiago was thought to have had better range, but Infante had the better arm and bat.

“Basically, we have our infield back except for the change at second base,” said team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski.

That is like saying you have all the ingredients to make spaghetti but the noodles. You are spinning yourself into a deep hole, Mr. GM. I am not buying it.

Thanks and farewell , to Jackson and Granderson.
ExDetroit Tigers Fan

HONESTLY I could live with getting trading Jackson although I like him very much not emotionally attached to him. But if Dombrowski trades Curtis to the stinking Yankees who basically have a monopoly on baseball well then I honestly don’t believe I will renew my season tickets. I will go to games, but will not invest that kind of time and money on this team. God I hate this

I am not renewing my season tickets and I officially hate Dave Dombrowski. I don’t know what else to say. This sucks.

I love Curtis Granderson, but (if the deal is as reported) the Tigers got some very good young players in this deal and it’s probably going to make the team better. Scherzer struck out 174 in 170.1 innings this season and only walked 63, in his first full season. A very similar year to Porcello’s, with a lot more Ks. Austin Jackson was the Int’l league ROY and an all-star. He’s a real leadoff hitter who hits around .300 against both right- and left-handed pitching (in AAA). He strikes out too much, but so does Curtis, frankly, and he’s 23.
Nobody wants to hear this, but if Curtis wasn’t such a great guy people would look at his .183 average against lefties differently.

vermonttigerfan, well said. I believe that with all our veterans in the cornerspots that we need a real speadster in center. Granderson fit the bill but not the pocketbook. This is our best option.

Mr. Illich can only be expected to shell out so much. Having said that DD should hopefully have learned from the past and done a better job at not ‘having a fire sale’ than in past teams. I believe he has.

Our Minors are fuller and we have more options. My hope is that we can free up enough space in the current budget to get someone like Lyon who seems to me to be a steady eddie. Why not a 2 year deal with a club option at this point? The young relief corps could use an old hand that can show some leadership. Someone with a bit of respect who is willing to quietly ‘do as I do’ or ‘talks a good game’.

I said it last year and will again this. We NEED a lefthanded starter like Verlander. Maybe not the fastball part but someone as reliable and capable.

The 4 players the Tigers receive all will be unable to test free agency for at least the next 5 years…if you don’t see why that helps the future of the Tigers out tremendously, then I don’t know what to say other than see what the Tigers lineup looks like in 2011 and 2012.
Jackson for Scherzer is almost a wash stats-wise and saves the Tigers a TON of money. That leaves Granderson for the Yankees top hitting prospect, a lefty with a 0.99 career WHIP, and a former first-round pick of the Diamondbacks who had a 1.01 ERA in the minors last year, and saves the Tigers a TON of money.
Worst-case scenario, none of these guys does anything for the Tigers and they have $20-$25 million dollars in payroll savings per season in 2011 and 2012, which should allow them to sign some decent free agents, or make a trade. Best-case scenario, all of these guys work out big-time and still cost the Tigers the same or less than Grandy and Jackson would for those seasons, meaning we have replaced Grandy and Jackson and have an extra two relievers.

DD might look at reworking the roster schedule so that the Tigers can play out of Fifth/Third field. Apart from saving money, all the minor leaguers will feel right at home and he may even get lucky with the odd sellout from confused Mudhen fans.
With management obviously giving up on 2010 by trading its tried and tested youthful stars for inexperienced youth, only supreme optimists would bother investing in April tickets.

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