Interesting setup for winter meetings

For those who view baseball’s winter meetings as a bunch of GMs and team executives talking in a lobby, it isn’t quite that way. It’s a busy lobby, yes, but teams do their business up in their hotel suites and go from room to room. Best to keep things quiet that way.

That isn’t easy at this year’s meetings, though. Unlike previous years, when every team stayed at the same hotel, there are a handful of teams staying at a different hotel than the rest. The Marriott is the center of most of the action, but the Tigers and a few other clubs are at the Westin across the street. For face-to-face business, they have to either come to the Marriott or have another team come to them.

There’s a skywalk, but it doesn’t directly connect the hotels, only going through the large convention center the next block down. The alternative is to step outside into the winter weather and cross the street.

Or they could just do it by phone, which is what happens a lot anyway. Still, it limits part of the dynamic going on.


Thanks for the inside scoop Jason, I have always wondered what it was like. For some reason I just pictured a big room with only the GM’s and exec and each team at a different table.

So while you are there do you just hang outside the tigers suite and wait for information? How does a reporter like you get the information from DD? I am jealous of the job that you have..

Dave talks with Detroit writers once a day. Can’t wait outside suite; they’re usually on secure floors.

Oh, I’m just on pins and needles. I picked the most inconvenient time of year to be moving, but fortunately the moving truck will be here before the “big snowfall” expected here in Michigan. It’s only across town, but my internet, phone and TV will be off until Wed. evening. Wonder what will happen in the interim. It will be driving me crazy. Guess I’ll have to call my son to get reports. At least we’ll know by tonight whether Lyon and Rodney accept arbitration.

Well, MLB trade rumors says Lyon will turn down arbitration. The Yankees are interested in him. For chrissakes, are we gonna have anyone left on this team?

Jim Leland says the team “is not having a fire sale” during an interview. He’s puffing away on a cigarette as he’s speaking, according to the article……..where’s there’s smoke……..

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