Baseball America: Tigers farm system in bottom half

It’s a familiar refrain over the last couple years since the Miguel Cabrera trade, but given the coming need for prospects, it’s worth a mention. Baseball America’s John Manuel wrote a piece for ranking the best and worst farm systems, and while he didn’t assign a specific number to the Tigers, he ranked them in the 16-25 range. It wasn’t among the five worst — that belongs to the Astros, Cardinals, Blue Jays, Diamondbacks and Nationals — but it wasn’t in the top half, either.

“Top arms are green, and organization overall lacks athleticism.”

Ouch, moreso about the latter than the former. Given the Tigers’ well-known struggles developing position prospects, however, it isn’t necessarily a surprise, Wilkin Ramirez and Casper Wells aside.

Look for more tomorrow on on how the Tigers farm system factors into their dealings.


Overall athleticism. Now, those are the key words. Whatever happened to finding guys with speed and a few tools. Do you think maybe the Tigers need to find new scouts?

I don’t think it’s scouting so much as strategy. Keep in mind, Dombrowski talked at season’s end about the need for better plate discipline throughout the Minors. Some of your best athletes, certainly those with power, tend to be some of your highest-strikeout hitters. Think Ramirez, Brent Clevlen, Cameron Maybin, even Wells (this year at Erie, at least).

Interesting word – athleticism. We truly could use a few more guys with all around goods.

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