Zumaya update: Rehab basically done

I know every rehab update on Joel Zumaya has to be taken cautiously, since another injury could be ahead. But even with that in the mind, the news coming from the Tigers is surprisingly good.

Zumaya, who had season-ending surgery this past summer to remove a bone shard from the stress fracture in his right shoulder, has progressed well enough throwingwise that he basically will be working out normally for the rest of the offseason rather than just rehabbing.

That doesn’t mean he’ll have a normal throwing program the rest of the winter, but for the first time in a few years, he gets to focus part of his offseason on strength and conditioning.

“Everything went well,” head athletic trainer Kevin Rand said. “He did a prethrowing program and then played catch up to 90 feet. As a result, we’re at a point where we’ve assimilated him into the normal strength and conditioning program.”

He’ll pick up his throwing program again once he reports to Spring Training early. That part isn’t new, but the fact that he finished up most of his rehab program early — it began late in the season, after all — is perceived as a good development.

That doesn’t mean he’s all clear and counted on to be a big part of the Tigers bullpen just yet. He has to prove he can stay healthy. It would be a surprise if his health impacted the Tigers’ dealings, at least at this point of the offseason. Still, this is better than most years.


HECK YEAH!!! so when is he getting hurt again? nah, just kidding. Actually, if you think about our bullpen….I think we’re doing pretty well: Perry, Ni, Lyon, Zumaya?, Miner, Robertson?, Figaro, Bonnine, and if you throw Rodney and/or Lyon in there…..

However, I’d rather see a Placido Polanco at 2B and Edwin Jackson in the rot than Rodney or Lyon (or curtis for that matter) being on the team (like if it comes down to it….lets just make sure to keep Poly and Edwin)

Just the sound of his name used to get Tiger fans fired up. I say “used to” but hope it happens again this year. Here’s wishing for a healthy and injury free Zoom in 2010!

This is a sad day for me. Polanco was my tiger for many years, but the rumors going around that he is probably going to sign with the Phillies for 18 million for 3 years. I wish DD was willing to pay him that much to keep him here…

Jason is right. No way the Tigers would offer him a 3 year deal. Sounds like the Phillies have all but got him signed on the dotted line. All but a done deal. They didn’t waste any time knowing what they wantd. The “killer” to me is they are talking about him playing 3rd base. Oh, how I will miss Polly!

A three-year deal wasn’t going to happen here, nor was a two-year deal. Even if you question whether Sizemore is ready for the big leagues to begin 2010, there was no question about his fit in the long-term picture.

Yeah, I am going to miss Polly. 18 million for 3 years! He is going to play 3rd base for the Phillies. Let’s start cheering for Sizemore and hope all the Tigers have career years in 2010!

Agree, no way Tigers can match 3-years offer of Phillies, but it is sad to see they are not getting two draft picks. I think it was worth the gamble : even if Polly’d accepted, you had him for one year deal at similar $$$…not a bad deal.
Also, I guess there is no chance to go into the season with Sizemore/Santiago/Dlugach combo, so they will sign someone to bolster SS/2B mix…if Polly was there perhaps they could live with combination or Santiago/Dlugach and use Polly at 3B some to relieve Inge. Too bad this didn’t happen.. blame is on DD for this and I am afraid it means we are in cost saving mode for this winter.

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