Let the debate over Tram and Lou resume

Back from Thanksgiving break to find that the Hall of Fame ballot is out, and the debate over who deserves to get in. If you’re among the many Tiger fans who see Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker as deserving Hall of Famers who haven’t gotten a fair shake — or in Whitaker’s case, didn’t get a good look at all in his lone year on the ballot — you have company.

Joe Posnanski blogged over the weekend about a small group of players who received 15-20 votes in their only year on the ballot — enough to claim a group of support, but not enough to make it to next year’s voting. Lou Whitaker not only leads Posnanski’s list, but draws comparisons to Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg. Fittingly, if you go to Whitaker’s page on baseball-reference.com, it lists Ryne Sandberg as his most similar player. It’s a good read, and not just for the Whitaker discussion.

While Keith Law doesn’t yet have a Hall of Fame vote, he has his opinions on who’s deserving. He points to Wins Above Replacement as one stat to consider among hitters, and notes that Whitaker is high on the list. In fact, at No. 54, he’s the highest-ranking position player to have been eligible for the Hall and not get in. Among players who are eligible, Law makes his case for Trammell, who isn’t far off on that Wins Above Replacement list at 67th. He sees the situation much like a lot of Tigers fans, that Trammell gets penalized for being in Ripken’s shadow.


OK, a new tread. My comment is put them in together as a DP combo. Seriously, we watched them play for 20 years, of course they are on our HOF ballot. Dan, I agree to NOT trade Curtis. If I was the manager I would bat him 5th or 6th ALL the time. Talking about managers, I did not mean I do not like old managers, I am not impressed with our old manager. Let’s get Brookens to manage and hang around for 20 years with the same players. We need a lead off hitter. Any ideas?

Ah, my most revered player Trammell always seems to get the short end of the stick when it comes to recognition, except for his WS MVP in ’84. He has been penalized for his workmanlike demeanor and being on a team of all-stars that all played terrific team baseball. Of course, I am totally biased and believe him and Lou deserve in, but I feel Tram deserves it even more – he was a tremendous fielder and had some great hitting years.

Lou Whitaker is the reason I became a Tigers fan as a kid. I even gave a biographical speech about him for my 7th grade speech class. They both deserve to be in.

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