Nothing going on with Tigers, Smoltz

Once again, John Smoltz is on the open market, and questions of a return home to Michigan naturally follow. Again, however, that doesn’t appear to be happening.

While several teams have expressed interest in Smoltz, including some clubs examining him as a closer, the Tigers aren’t one of them. They’ve been in touch with agent Keith Grunewald, but those talks are in regards to shortstop Adam Everett.

The Tigers had some interest in Smoltz last offseason, but weren’t going to outbid the Red Sox, who signed him to an incentive-laden one-year deal for the chance to start in Boston by summer. He struggled with the Sox and was released in August, but found some success again in the National League with the Cardinals down the stretch.


Is there really any indication that Smoltz would be interested in the Tigers? I know he’s originally from Michigan and he was in the Tigers’ minor league system, but he and his family live in Atlanta (I think), and I’d think he’s not terribly interested in the American League after his experience in Boston. Also, at this point, Smoltz showed signs of being at the end of the road this past season. I’d be surprised if the Tigers and Smoltz got together.

Bad move. I’d like to have Smoltz. I would not want to have Everett back. Smoltz would be an improvement over Miner, Perry, and a bunch of the bums that the Tigers used because of DD’s failure to get the necessary help for the bullpen in 2009. Everett was the second worst hitter vs RHP’s in the league last year. No excuse for getting an incomplete ballplayer like that.

I doubt Smoltz could help us at this point. Nothing lasts forever, particularly baseball players. I don’t think it’s a bad idea to re-sign Everett then team him up with Santiago again. The thing I’d do differently is go to a strict L-R platoon, with Razor getting all the starts against RHers. Leyland didn’t do that last year, and Everett ended up being overmatched many nights. By 2011, we can look for a shortstop. Of course, this idea won’t work as well without Polanco since we’ll need Santiago to bail out Sizemore. Until we find out where Polly is playing, it’s all up in the air. The club has not demonstrated to me that they can make astute assessments of position players in the system.

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