Leyland places 6th in AL Manager of the Year voting

Jim Leyland received two third-place votes out of 28 ballots for American League Manager of the Year from members of the Baseball Writers Association of America.

Angels skipper Mike Scioscia, for whom Leyland has been outspoken in admiration, won the award with 15 first-place votes. Minnesota’s Ron Gardenhire was the runner-up, following by World Series champion Joe Girardi, Seattle’s Don Wakamatsu and Texas’ Ron Washington.


I’m sorry, but what the heck?!? I know there are a lot of Tiger fans who don’t like Jimmy, but how does he get 2 3rd place votes and that’s it?!?
The Tigers were in LAST place in 2008. LAST! And NOBODY picked them to finish higher than 3rd. Yet, there they were, from mid May through the last day of the season, in 1st place. They didn’t collapse at the end, the Twins played out of their minds!

They were a last place team who cam in having lost their starting DH (Sheff), their #2 starter (Bondo) and their closer (Jonesy). They expected more out of Dontrelle Willis. They quickly lost their starting LF (Guillen) for half the year and setup man (Zumaya) for most of the year. Robertson was never healthy and Inge and Ordonez were useless offensively for half the year with injuries and personal problems. We had two 20-year-olds on the staff! Injuries happen, but seriously – given that, how could anyone seriously expect the success the Tigers had?
I know people are down on Leyland and the end of the year was devastating in large part due to his mismanaging the extra game, but come on! The job he did this year was phenomenal. How does he not merit more consideration than two 3rd place votes? 6th place? Really? Ridiculous.

Myself, I’m wondering who the two writers were that voted Leyland third, and what they were smoking. I don’t think you get to manage a team of All Stars into last place in a weak division, then get credit for a turnaround. Any other manager would have won 95 games with the 2009 club. I don’t place much stock in these individual awards, but it would appear that JL isn’t fooling people any longer. He’s a bad manager, plain and simple. I will agree that the job he did was phenomenal, but not in a positive sense.

Same here, Rich.

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