Verlander places third in AL Cy Young voting

Justin Verlander wasn’t expected to win the AL Cy Young award, but his 19 wins and 269 votes presented a strong case. He got one first-place vote, but finished third behind Zack Greinke and Felix Hernandez. He beat out CC Sabathia and Roy Halladay. Halladay actually got more votes, but they were all for third place, and Verlander’s first-place nod and nine third-place votes outpointed him.

Verlander’s the first AL pitcher since Pedro Martinez in 2002 to lead the league in two of the three pitching triple crown categories and not win the Cy Young, but Greinke’s performance was going to be tough to top, even with playing on a contender. As it is, third place is the best showing by a Tiger in Cy Young balloting since Willie Hernandez won it in 1984.


I think that’s a fair outcome. Greinke was the best pitcher I saw this year. Meanwhile, Justin had an excellent turnaround not only from 2008, but from the way he pitched in April of this season. Looks like they got this one right.
It’s been quiet here………..too quiet. I guess everyone is waiting for some disastrous news to be reported. Kind of like we were the entire season. 🙂

Too quiet here? Maybe everyone is waiting for that proverbial other shoe to drop. Polanco? Everett? Rodney? Lyon? I think most fans want Placido back but will he take a short contract? I can’t see the Tigers wanting to go more than 2 years. Everett wouldn’t be a great loss offensively but can they afford any other free agent shortstop? I hope they can keep at least one of Rodney and Lyon. I don’t see another closer on the current staff. Then, of course, are all the rumors about Granderson and Jackson. Whatever happens, I hope DD has a master plan and not hit or miss trades like Willis, Renteria, Huff, and Washburn. All we can do is wait and hope. Tick…tick…tick…

………hold our breath, like we did all season.

I agree, Greinke deserved it, but glad JV got some nice recognition – would have liked to see 2nd place though!

I am proud that Verlander got recognized, higher than CC for his merits!… I called it right, and Z Greinke deserved the recognition.

I feel same.. its been very quiet on the news coming from Tigers Organization. I agree.. its like a clock ticking…maybe toward a bomb going off.. I sure hope we don’t loose Curtis Granderson, to California, or Edwin Jackson. I realize, that Justin has only a one year extension over this winter, and DD better cough up some big bucks.. Your talking CY Young talent.. just like Halliday out there.. somebody is bound to snap him up.

I was disapointed in Washburn, and Huff. I thought they’d been better. But what do I know? Looking at the paper on Zumaya, or Willis, or Rentaria… not all things prove true in real, actual play time. Lyons improved after a rough start. I do hope to see Bonderman back to a good form… Galarraga seemed to hit a bump in the road.. or trip over the mound.

I just wonder if DD, and Leyland are gambling on the D Kelley, Larish, Sizemore, and Avilla, and Jacob Turner -no -names to help the club, after the big salaries have gone on to bigger cities?

Can’t wait till spring training… JIM

MLB Network did an interview with Greinke last night. He sure is uncomfortable in an interview. But I agree with everyone else that he deserved it. Harold Reynolds kind of played devil’s advocate and asked him what he’d say to critics (summarizing here) about not pitching to the bigger teams, like Boston and NY as many times as the other pitchers. Greinke responded by mentioning how many times he had pitched to Miggy, Maggs, and Thame, mentioning how dangerous Thames could be. Course, he also pitched to Joe Mauer a few times, too. It tickled me that he mentioned some of our sluggers and especially Thames, whom we’ve all sort of forgotten since the Grandy and Jacksoon rumors started. They did a nice feature on all the runner-ups and showed Verlander pitching against Boston with his fastball going from 96 – 100. It takes alot of resolve for a young guy to pitch as good as Greinke, especially when he knew the team wasn’t going anywhere.

I saw that interview with Greinke also, and it’s the first time I’ve ever seen or heard him talk. I don’t know much about social anxiety disorder, but it’s clear he wasn’t comfortable. He’s a good kid, and he definitely deserved the Cy. I think a lot of people were rooting for him. HR’s mates kind of let him have it for that question about the Central. That said, MLB Network is great viewing for any baseball fan.
Speaking of Bob Costas and Studio 42, that’s some entertaining stuff. The show with the three umpires, Palermo, Denkinger, and Froemming, was excellent and funny. The interview with Selig was kind of dry, like Bud. That guy always seems to be defensive, no matter the question. I think Costas probably asks questions that people want asked, even if he doesn’t buy into it himself.
My own opinion on instant replay is to stop right here and don’t expand it any further, postseason or no. It just wouldn’t work. The only thing I would suggest is to make the umpires more comfortable with huddling up and discussing a call, and possibly overturning it as long as it isn’t a continuation play. As an example, Cuzzi’s call on Mauer’s “foul ball” may have been seen better by the thirdbase or homeplate ump, but in that scenario, the umpires would have had to decide where all the baserunners would have likely ended up, and that’s messy.

People sometimes misunderstand others who aren’t as verbally astute as they think they sould be. Bondo has been called awful names, because he’s also a guy who’s uncomfortable in front of a camera or microphone. They don’t have to talk proper English for me, as long as they put their money where their mouth is. And Grienke certainly fits that description. Getting married this weekend, too, so he can’t be too shy!

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