Telling comment on Jackson from Brewers GM

By now, you can tell it’s going to be a crazy stretch of reported interest in the Tigers’ trading pieces, and it’s just starting. But Brewers general manager Doug Melvin, in confirming contact with the Tigers on Edwin Jackson, had a telling remark to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel on how this could play out:

“Dave’s in charge of that one,” Melvin told the J-S. “They’ll identify which clubs are matches and they’ll call them. He’s looking for young players and young pitchers.”

That’s a little bit more than listening, though not necessarily a quick sale. The youth part isn’t a surprise, of course.

They might’ve had a better match before the Brewers traded J.J. Hardy trade with Minnesota, but the Brewers still have some young pitching. They also have outfielder Corey Hart, in whom the Tigers reportedly had interest in the past.


Cory Hart’s a joke. Haven’t we already got enough overgrown, slow players who strike out too much and walk too seldom? Yeah, he’d fit right in. And he’d be worse in the AL.
Next rumor, please.

“Dave’s in charge of that one,” is a sick quote.
The Tigers were dropping attendances, discounting ticket prices and food deals from opening day and the 20% overall drop for the season turned out to be better than first anticipated. With discounting, income levels were likely 30-35% down on 2008.
This Blog saw the headlight of the payroll freight train coming before the 2009 season started and it is depressing that DD now starts to act by looking at options involving tearing the heart out of the team and fans.
Straight after missing the playoffs, DD should have been trying to rework contracts with players to delay rises for 2010 which would have taken off up to $15m in salary.
The Dodgers did this with Andruw Jones contract and I am sure the players involved would have agreed to it, particularly Curtis, Miggs and Carlos.
Negotiating an extension to Maggs contract for a 4 year $40m deal would take a further $8m off 2010.
Giving away the underperformers at fire sale prices would bring in another $5-10m.
With the same management in place for 2010, DD is playing with fire and crowd figures will plummet if he keeps going the way of the rumours.

I don’t know what he should do. But, I will tell you that the economy in Michigan is deplorable and getting worse. Layoffs are announced every day and I live in lower central Michigan. They have probably lost thousands of season ticket holders.

All this talk, while it’s getting very interesting, it’s getting even more depressing. I never lived in Michigan, have only been there a few times, including 2 stops at the airport, on my way to Alaska. I’m just a Tiger fan and a baseball fan. Here in New York State our governor says we’ll be broke by Christmas. I live in an agricultural area, and over the years have seen what few industries we had go away one by one, or at the least downsize. Where I live housing has always been relatively cheap. It doesn’t go up much but it doesn’t go down much either. Western New York is not a bad place to live really, as long as your cultural expectations aren’t too high (which mine aren’t). Yeah, we have long, cold, snowy, and even sloppy winters that go on forever, and salty roads that can rot out our cars sometimes in as little as 5 years, but we don’t have hurricanes, wild fires, tornadoes, long heat waves, major flooding, chiggers, scorpions, roaches to name just a few nasty things. Still, there is this giant sucking sound coming from New York City and Albany, taxes continue to go up, and people continue to move out.
What I hear happening to Detroit is very sad. Which makes what is happening to the Tiger fans even more of a cruel irony. All this is a rather lengthy lead into what few ideas I might have to fix anything. These contracts we as fans are made captive by, are a sad mess. Stat Dave, maybe you could come up with some creative figures to illustrate this for us, but the truth is, in a general sense at least, there has been an inverse relationship in the last two seasons between money spent and player production. Who is that a reflection on? Somebody or bodies are responsible. Now to fix the problem the Tiger organization is listening to “creative” possibilities or deals involving Curtis and Edwin? Gut the young heart and soul of the team? Surely you can get more creative than that.
Someone said in a previous post you need to build a team up the middle first. Absolutely right. Those positions were the heart and soul of our defense last year. Curtis, Placido, Santiago/Everett, and Laird. (Although I’d give Alex Avila a lot more playing time next season). You have to sign Placido for any chance to compete in 2010. Keep Edwin. Use him correctly. Sign Lyon. Fernando would be expendable. Maybe Perry and Zumaya could pick up the slack. Use Seay less and Ni more.
Is there any reason why Cabrera couldn’t or shouldn’t be moved? You know, we had a pretty good team at the end of the 2007 season, but it seems it just wasn’t quite good enough, because we had a pretty major overhaul that winter I think. I know, moving Cabrera now at a net loss, would be admitting to a mistake, and unloading or eating the contracts of the other players that have been discussed would be further confession, but it needs to be done. Cut your losses DD. Don’t gut the team to cover. We need a breath of fresh air here. Few players deserve the kind of money that has been thrown around. Especially the kind MC receives. To me that kind of money, if paid at all, should be reserved for a player who not only has the rare skills of a superstar but has the even rarer qualities of
leadership and character. I think fans in Detroit just want to be treated decently, and deservedly so

Am I the only one who is confused as to why the Brewers are being discussed on Jackson? They gave away a power hitting shortstop coming off a bad year to the Twins for great fielding light hitting center fielder so they wouldn’t have to pay their current center fielder. They then start kicking the tires on expensive pitchers (Lackey, Jackson), a year after they lost CC. Melvin said there was not a good match when it came to looking for trade partners for Hardy. Wiith Hardy gone, what can he offer the Tigers?

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