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When rumors started up last fall about the Tigers potentially trading Magglio Ordonez, team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski eventually said that they weren’t looking to trade him. He also said, however, that they would listen on just about any player another club would call him about.

Fast forward to now, with the Tigers reportedly at least listening to interest on Edwin Jackson, and Dombrowski isn’t saying much, which is telling.

“Do not have anything to say about any trade conversations other than to say we have visited with many clubs during the meetings, which is customary,” Dombrowski said in an email Wednesday morning from the GM meetings in Chicago.

He did add, however, that they will have to make some tough decisions this offseason, particularly with the number of free agents they have.

Jackson, an All-Star in the first half of the season before struggling down the stretch, is a tough decision, particularly if trading him can net him from help in return at shortstop or in the bullpen.

That doesn’t mean it’s a payroll decision or a sign of slashing ahead. There’s a difference between cutting payroll and swapping it, particularly if any deal would end up even in salary. There’s also a difference between cutting a salary and selling high on a player.

At this point, Dombrowski said, nothing is close to a deal on anything.


This is a curious discussion at best, and a suspicious one at the least. With salaries coming off the payroll at the conclusion of 2010, why would you trade one of your good young starters? I don’t believe this is about payroll at all. This one has a bad odor.
Without benefit of any secret inside information, it appears to me that the roster as it now stands is good enough to repeat this year’s performance. It could improve on it if certain hitters lived up to their reputations, or if a different manager was in charge. Now of course I realize that we can’t keep the exact same roster, but swapping in similar personnel would seem to be the way to go in 2010.
Trading away pitchers and defenders (Laird) would gut the strength of the team. None of this makes any sense to me.
If they want to trade away guys for “secret” reasons, then ship that big firstbaseman out of town too.

Lynn Henning is the new GM. They are trading Granderson too.
Let see:
Guillen, Raburn, Ordoñez in the outfied
Cabrera, perhaps Sizemore in second.
Santiago SS.Larish in third, until Inge is back.
Avila C.
Verlander. Porcello, Robertson, Galarraga and Bondermann
Pen Miner (long) Ni( 7) Perry (8) Zumaya (9) or Lyon
32-130 season record

Jackson hus just settled nicely in Detroit. He bought a house, has relatives here and likes being in Detroit. I just don’t understand it. And, Laird, too. You must be kidding me. Who in God’s name can they get who would benefit the team more. It just doesn’t make sense.

Well, there’s more. Grandy is on the block, too. Is this a fire sale?

This is a wonderful time of year for fans who love the swirling rumors, and a horrific time of year for fans (like me) who hate rumors. The only good thing is it gets us talking.
While Dombrowski’s job may not be on the line, his standing in the court of public opinion certainly is. If he begins losing talented and popular ballplayers to cover up his own contract excesses, we fans will pay the price of his sins. We still had, I believe, the 4th highest attendance in the majors. That can change quickly.
That’s all I got.

Make that 4th highest in the AL. 12 of 30 overall.

Just talked with Dombrowski. No fire sale, though he wouldn’t talk about specific players.

No, I wouldn’t expect him to. I’m sure a lot of this is posturing and setting up a scenario in which to get deals done, if there are any to get done.
Here is where I’m coming from. I’d trade anybody for the right package, but the right package is a matter of opinion, as the Renteria trade demonstrated. As it is, a lot of people seem to think the 2009 Tigers were terrible, and I’ve even heard that exact word used today. I don’t agree. This is a team that won 86 games despite down years from key players and highly questionable management. There’s not all that much wrong with our current personnel and I’d just as soon keep as much of it as possible and ride out 2010 until some of the big contracts go away. I don’t see this offseason as a good time to make major moves. I’m speaking in generalities and not about any specific players.
I can’t resist adding, what could we get for that $8 mil they handed Leyland? No manager is worth that much.

Jackson got rode into the ground by JL repeatedly calling on him to eat innings in the first half of the season. Asking this from a pitcher who had not turned 26 and only a few years ago was a reliever. And he is being questioned for a late season fade???
This really infuriates me about DD – he continually breaks the cardinal rules on investing – cut your losses and run with your strengths. DD continually runs with his losses hoping for the miracle turnaround as their value continues to diminish to the point of no return.
The Rangers would have given Sheff at least $3-4m last November yet with no change to the roster we eat his entire $13.6m before the season starts. Willis should have been traded to a NL team before the start of the 09 season and we surely would have then got $2-3m of his $10-12m for him given he could swing a bat going .286/.348 from 63 AB’s in 2007.
Permanent DH’s rarely work long term and there is no place for Carlos if 2nd or 1st aren’t options, yet he will languish between LF and DH assuming he is healthy which at best is a 50/50 proposition. Surely getting $3-5m is not out of the question rather than pay $13m for 2010 and 2011. And then there is Nate and Maggs whose boat sailed a few seasons ago as pointed out at the time by Dan.

Oh, I just can’t agree that Maggs’ boat has sailed. He had some of the best stats in the league the last 2 months. Maggs was back to being the Magglio we all know and love. Maybe not the 30 HR guy, but surely still a power hitter. He was tremendous at the end of the season and whatever was ailing him, went away.

The point on Maggs is are you getting your $18m worth of offense knowing he is a GIDP liability with his slow base running and is at best a mediocre RF’r.
Sure Maggs had personal issues affecting this year’s performance but his 50 RBI’s follow from 139 in 2007 and 103 in 2008. Whilst he was on a tear late season, it did not translate to runs scored with for August going .348 average / .214 RISP and for Sept/Oct .410 average and .333 RISP.
I would love to keep Maggs in the team but at the end of the day, you have to ask is he worth 15% of your budget?

DD gave Willis a 3 year $29m extension for 2008-2010 to avoid going to arbitration, after earning $6.45m with the Marlins in 2007.
Willis would have been lucky to clear $5m in arbitration as
he had an ordinary 2007 with all of his stats spiralling down big time from previous years.

All I can think is that if DD is considering trading Edwin or Grandy, it will have to be a deal where someone also takes Dontrelle or Nate or Maggs’ contract, because the guys up for trade are not the guys who are going to help the payroll situation.
Isn’t that how we ended up with Dontrelle in the 1st place? We had to take him to get Cabrera?

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