Tigers part ways with Thames, Treanor

Marcus Thames’ Tigers tenure is likely over. The team removed him from the 40-man roster Friday, the first step towards making the slugging outfielder a free agent.

The move was part of the Tigers’ maneuverings to prepare their 40-man roster. Catcher Matt Treanor also was taken off the roster and will become a free agent. The moves free up spots for Reliever Joel Zumaya and infielder Jeff Larish both of whom were reinstated from the 60-day disabled list as required.

Infield prospect Michael Hollimon also was taken off the DL, but he was outrighted to Triple-A Toledo. Pitching prospect Jay Sborz, who would’ve been a minor league free agent, was added to the 40-man roster.

Thames was eligible for arbitration and was thus expected to be non-tendered this offseason. From that standpoint, Friday’s move makes him a free agent sooner than he would’ve been had the Tigers waited until the December deadline to offer a contract. Nonetheless, it likely ends a career that included several big home runs and torrid stretches in the Tigers lineup, though never culminating in the everyday role he would’ve liked.


Jason- there’s two moves missing.
Treanor is activated and released.
Hollimon is activated and outrighted.
Larish is activated, Thames released.
Zumaya activated…… no room.
Sborz added to the roster……. no room.
Since there were already 40 on the roster, two more heads gotta roll.
I’m guessing Rapada and Kelly, unless they can use the spots vacated by departing free agents.

I was sort of expecting this, but it still hurts to lose Marcus. He’s such a great guy who grew up in ways almost unimaginable to most of us. I’ll miss him and those great homers he hit. Hopefully, another team will pick him up soon and he’lll be re-employed. I’lll miss you, “Country Strong.”

No, the moves even out. Thames, Treanor and Hollimon are taken off the 40-man roster. Zumaya, Larish and Sborz go back on. Three in, three out.

I’m gonna miss Marcus too pup. I think I pulled for him more than any other Tiger player. Just wanted him to succeed. What did he finally end up making?, a little over a mil I think. I’m making no excuses for him. Though they were few, he was given some chances to hit in clutch situations this past season and more often than not, didn’t come through. Still, I think he was never given any realistic length of playing time to settle in and develop confidence during his tenure here. Loved the monster home runs he hit, just not enough of them were game changing. He earned what they paid him. Somebody will offer him a contract.

“No, the moves even out. Thames, Treanor and Hollimon are taken off the 40-man roster. Zumaya, Larish and Sborz go back on. Three in, three out.”

Hollimon wasn’t counted on the 40 man roster because he was on the 60 day DL. Same with Treanor. Letting Treanor go, or outrighting Hollimon didn’t create any more space on the 40 man roster. The 40 man roster now shows 42 players. Only Thames was taken off the active 40 man roster, but three players were added: Larish, Sborz, and Zoomer.

Sborz was added to keep him from getting picked up in the Rule 5 draft. We sstill have all the free agents on the roster who won’t be on the roster because we can’t afford them. Sizemore will probably be added along with Wells, maybe. Thames was let go early, as there wasn’t going to be a trade in the Tigers’ minds. Lots of time yet to pare the roster.

Wells was put on the 40 man roster ahead of last year’s Rule 5 draft.
Sborz would have been a minor league free agent, not Rule 5 eligible.
I’m sure DD looked into trading Marcus, but there wasn’t interest since it was pretty clear he’d be a free agent soon anyway.
Sizemore and Strieby are locks to be added to the roster.
The Tigers will need to make decisions on Scot Drucker, Brennan Boesch, Brayan Villarreal, Brett Jensen, Luis Marte, Brooks Brown, and Audy Ciriaco. I think that Boesch is the most likely to be protected. I’d hate to lose Marte. I think he can help the Tigers in 2010, either in the rotation or the pen, but he’s not DD’s “type” of pitcher. I’m still not sure why Drucker got the AFL bid, but they obviously like him.

You’re right, my mistake. Though releasing Treanor and outrighting Hollimon removes two players who would’ve had to be added to the 40-man roster otherwise, they didn’t count on there because they were on the 60-day DL. Brain cramp on my part.
As it is, it doesn’t matter because of free agency. Once five Tigers filed for free agency Thursday, those players no longer counted on the 40-man roster. Same goes for Brandon Lyon whenever he files. Whoever re-signs will have to be added back, just like a free agent who signs from another team.

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