Five Tigers file for free agency

As the veteran Tigers scribe Jim Hawkins likes to say, no sense waiting (yes, I recycled that line from my Twitter account, @beckjason). Five Tigers — Adam Everett, Aubrey Huff, Placido Polanco, Fernando Rodney and Jarrod Washburn — filed for free agency Thursday, the first day players could do so. The only Tiger eligible for free agency who didn’t file Thursday was Brandon Lyon, and that’s more of a formality. His agent and the Tigers haven’t talked yet. Look for a free-agent roundup on the site tonight.

The Tigers have exclusive negotiating rights with their free agents through Thursday, Nov. 20. While those players can talk with other teams, they technically can’t talk contract terms or exchange offers, though agents seem to get around the contract terms part. Starting Nov. 21, it’s a free-for-all.

Also, the Elias rankings that determine compensation for free agents came out today. Polanco qualified for Type A status, meaning the Tigers would receive at least a sandwich pick between the first and second rounds of next year’s draft, and possibly a first-round pick as well, if they offer him arbitration and he signs somewhere else. That leaves the Tigers with a decision to make whether they offer him arbitration, and I’m not sure the Tigers won’t take a chance and offer it. After all, if he accepts it, the Tigers have him for one year.

Fernando Rodney and Brandon Lyon both qualified for Type B status. If the Tigers offered them arbitration, they’d get a draft pick after the second round if they signed elsewhere.


Oh, man, they didn’t waste any time. This just gives me the creeps seeing all these guys we’ll probably be losing.

on the contrary, it’s giving me happy shivers to think of the creeps were losing! Huff, Washburn and Rodney…….3 bums, and don’t think 2x that rodney’s NON contract year performance will match this years.

Everett and Lyon, we could keep for a cheap price…they’re pretty good, but we can find cheap replacements.

Polanco we really need to offer some money too. Sizemore’s defense is sketch, at best, and we simply can’t afford to lose another bat.

So we’re under way, although it will take some time to really heat up.
If the club can’t reach a deal with Polanco, going to arbitration seems to be exactly the thing to do, perhaps falling into the no-brainer category. I either haven’t or don’t remember seeing Sizemore play, but judging from what I’m hearing, I’m not convinced he can be the full time guy at secondbase. I should look back at some spring training boxscores to find out if I did see him play. That WBC messed up spring training in many ways.
I think Lyon can absolutely be the closer. He’s got the makeup and that cutter he added this year really did the trick. It’s hard to believe Rodney can repeat his success although I wouldn’t have thought his 2009 season possible either.
Washburn is a non-player here. It’s hard to say which Aubrey Huff will show up in 2010. I wouldn’t mind Everett returning. If we had to depend on his bat, we’re dead anyway.
I wonder if we’ll see the waiting game played again this winter?

I’d like to see Lyon signed. After his awful start, he settled down real nice and did an outstanding job for us. Rick Knapp seems to have helped hin immensley. I have mixed feelings on Rodney, as he reminded me of a flower this year just starting to bloom. He became a bonified closer, finally. He has the mentality now and it appears the strength. Maybe we will have a chance to retain Polly, but it doesn’t look very good, but you never know what will go down, with him being a type A. It’s the pitching I’m concerned about. If we lose Rodney, I’d like to see us pick up a new set up man, but I’m not sure Rya Perry is prepared for that role. And what will happn with Thames? The hot stove season may be very dull for the Tigers this year, but we may pull off some trades. I have to olok forward to the future.

Hey Beck, you didn’t say weather Huff and Washburn are A or B free agents. Plus I thought you got a compensation first for a B free agent(Lyon was one last year and the DBacks got one for hime). Please get back to us so we know if we are going to get anything for them. Thanks!

Well I have mixed feelings about a lot of these guys. I will be sorry to see Polly go – if infact he does go. Rodney I don’t think gets enough credit for what he did this year – and lets not forget about what he did in 2006, 2008 he was injured a lot. I have mixed feelings about him. Washburn – good ridence he has come out and said that he has no desire to be anywhere but in Seattle. I want Lyon back. Huff while he didn’t do what he was supposed to do when he was here, I am not so sure it was all his fault. And this is what I mean by that – he was a guy that was used to playing every day, not here and there and I just don’t think he could handle it. The problem is that there really wasn’t room for him on this team – bad move in my opinion, but not his fault completely.

I like Johnny Damon. Polanco should be offered something to stay. Rodney, thanks for the memories, see ya. I think Lyon has the control. Huff, I would like to see him play the field and I would keep him. Everett should stay but I sure wish he would hit more. The WS did not do much for me this year. The stove is heating up! Good thing, it was 29 degrees in Grand Rapids this morning.

“I like johnny damon” – the #1 player I would NOT want on our team right now, and you would want to pick him up?

Lets see: we could have Johnny (throws like a girl) Damon, Carlos (oh crud, it went over my head again) Guillen and magglio (i need curtis to run over here from center to get the ball that just went past me) ordonez……..all in the same outfield!

I’ll bet you want sheffield back as well? Or maybe some other player who wouldn’t have a position to play on our team…..

ALSO, you want to keep HUFF? Are you serious? How many RBI’s did he have in a tigers uniform? 5? Holy cow…….i would rather start Nate Cornejo in the rotation then pay huff to come back! Idiot!

Offering arbitration to Polanco isn’t “taking a chance”. He’s worth the 6 to 7 mil he’d get in arbitration. NOT bringing him back would make a lie out of the nonsense that Everett was signed for his defense. He was signed because he was cheap. Not bringing back Polanco, taken with letting Magglio vest, is just poor payroll management.
Polanco hit .315 with a .357 OBP after the break last year, and his defense is as steady as ever. Sizemore can’t possibly replace him as the NO. 2 hitter or in the field with the glove. I’m all for bringing Sizemore along, but we need upgrades at SS and 3B. Bring Polanco back, especially on a one year deal.

Wrong Jason.
Compensation for a Type B player is a supplemental pick between the first and second rounds, not after the second round.

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