Washburn would like to return to Seattle

MLB.com Mariners reporter Jim Street caught up with likely former Tigers pitcher Jarrod Washburn, who should be healthy next spring after having his knee cleaned out last month. That said, even a healthy Washburn seems unlikely to return to Detroit.

As many expected, Washburn sounded like someone who would very much like to return to Seattle, where he credits his success for the first half of this past season and the clubhouse atmosphere with pulling him away from a possible retirement.

“We had a lot of fun and the coaching staff made it a much more
pleasant working environment,” he said. “You looked forward to coming
to work.”

On the July 31 trade to Detroit, Washburn said he had mixed feelings.

“Going to a first-place team was nice,” he said, “but I was leaving a group of players that I loved. It was both good and bad.”


GOOD RIDENCE – he pitched here in Detroit with the same enthusiasm he has in this artical. I was really excited when he came, but he never looked comfortable and never really acted like he wanted to be here in a fact he didn’t I guess. I wonder if he would of pitched better if he had stayed in Seattle, ya know what I mean???

Not a surprise at all that he is ready to leave, he was never ready to be here. That is the part of being a pro athlete for a team sport that I would have a hard time with – being traded away from a team you are happy to be with, and then being a pro and putting your feelings aside and still doing your work even if you aren’t as happy. It is a tough thing to do, yet many players do it and it is what you expect out of someone you are paying, so I am not crying for Washburn either. Speaks volumes about what he feels the Detroit Clubhouse is like though.

I said it before, no more trades. We give up a farmhand for an established player? The Detroit clubhouse has no chemistry and does not believe in momentum. Why? You know why! I would rather sign a free agent to fill our needs for 2010. Ok, here it is again. Hitting coach. One more, playing baseball in November is like playing in a dome, it should not happen. Go Curtis, you are my Tiger. I know you will be a star for us next year! –Brown

At the time of the trade, the word was that Washburn was likely to return to Seattle after the season. No surprise here. At the time of the trade, I believe that gave us 3 of the top 4 ERA starters in the AL? Can’t really lay this one at Dombrowski’s feet because it seemed to be a good trade at the time and, up until Chicago pulled their Peavey trump at the end of the day, was being called the Deal of the Day. That said, the trade deadline can be the deathline too. Everyone clammors for trades, the media has turned it into an event on par with the NCAA bracket show (countdown clocks?), and GMs feel pressured to make deals. Those two trades we made ended up costing us the division. I said at the time and will say it again, if you give Leyland a new player, he’ll play him no matter how bad he is. Neifi Perez, Matt Stairs, Aubrey Huff, etc. Sometimes it’s just better to stick with the personnel that got you there. I hope we remember that next July 31st.
What I took away from the article was this: Don Wakamatsu and his staff did a marvelous job in Seattle. I was very impressed with their club during their two visits in August. If you recall, their bullpen carried those warrior helmets out there with them, they huddled before the game, and saluted the dugout. That’s hokey, sure, but it demonstrated a real team spirit, an esprit de corps that any military unit would have been proud of. I only wish our players were allowed to PLAY baseball instead of being forced to behave like workers on an assembley line. Jim Leyland squeezes every bit of fun out of the entire endeavor, for the players, media, and fans. I’d love to have Wakamatsu and his staff here.

I have always wondered where everyone gets this information that there is a toxic clubhouse with the Tigers??? As far as I know the only person that has every said that was Jason Grilli and lets face it the BOO Birds at Comerica Park drove him out of town, but he sure looked happy the year before that when he had a better year. I have never heard any of the players on this team say they liked Leyland and had nothing but respect for him. So when I hear on here that his players hate him, I just don’t know where this comes from. I am not saying it couldn’t be true, but I just don’t know where this info is coming from??

Who are you asking, GK? I don’t recall anyone saying the players hated Leyland. Myself, I suspect there may be a certain lack of respect from certain quarters. If what Cabrera did wasn’t disrespectful, I don’t know what is. Guillen has had verbal battles through the media twice in two years, and he knows JL hates that. I also can’t believe that some guys happily sat the bench and watched Huff make out after out after out. Pudge had many disagreements with JL and that has been verified. We’ll soon find out what Lyon thought of how he was handled this season.
Regarding the players positive comments, some are genuine, but you have to ask yourself this: if someone stuck a microphone in your face and asked you what you thought of your boss, and you knew millions of people were listening, how would you answer?


I know you like Jl but as far as the clubhouse situation goes—it’s obvious. JL is a great guy and interesting character but he doesn’t work a s a manager. I hope he enjoys retirement and the sooner the better.

WOW, slowbyrne, how soon you forget the 2006 season where JL single handedly brought us to the WS!!!! JL is the man for the job!


“speaks volumes about what he feels the Detroit Clubhouse is like” -“The Detroit clubhouse has no chemistry and does not believe in momentum” –

And as far as JL I am neutral about him and I don’t like everything he does, but I also know it is a lot easier to disect moves after the game. And I agree so we are all going to blames him for the losses but not get him credit for the wins???? I see the players get credit for the wins and the manager for the losses. Does nobody think that if if Curtis Granderson didn’t strike out half the time it we would of done better or if Polanco and Magglio didn’t wait till the last month and a half to get their heads on straight and start hitting well lets say even in June of July they would of won one more game?? Early in the year people were ready to send Magglio out of town yet he was the guy who people were upset (including me) wasn’t in some games late in the season?

And as far as Cabrera goes my guess is that his problem is a lot bigger than one night – anybody who can drink that much has a much larger problem.? And I hope he gets some help.

Jimmy, How could I forget 2006? When you started the rookie Verlander over the Professor who was the most dominant pitcher in baseball at the time? Thus giving him the opportunity to pitch ONE game in the series. How you wouldn’t bunt with Polanco even though he couldn’t buy a hit in that series? When you couldn’t inspire your team at the most critical time?
I remember 2006 quite well

And that’s saying nothing about how you handled Shelton, Young and Neifi that year.

I suspect “JimmyLeyland” may have been speaking tongue-in-cheek, but I’ve always thought JL received more credit for 2006 than he deserved. He still managed to mess it up in the 2nd half, just as he does every year. His pitching selections during the postseason were ludicrous and his starting lineups throughout September, again, were not good.
As far as dissecting moves after a game, well, I believe those moves are being dissected as he makes them and often before he makes them. Unless we can all find a way to watch the game together, we’re stuck with posting our in-game thoughts after the game. The few times I’ve tried to post in-game, I miss half the action.
I certainly don’t want JL thinking we dislike him as a person. I just think it’s time for him to move on.
The WS will probably end tonight, tomorrow at the latest (barring weather), then we can get into the real hot stove league.

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