November 2nd, 2009

Washburn would like to return to Seattle Mariners reporter Jim Street caught up with likely former Tigers pitcher Jarrod Washburn, who should be healthy next spring after having his knee cleaned out last month. That said, even a healthy Washburn seems unlikely to return to Detroit.

As many expected, Washburn sounded like someone who would very much like to return to Seattle, where he credits his success for the first half of this past season and the clubhouse atmosphere with pulling him away from a possible retirement.

“We had a lot of fun and the coaching staff made it a much more
pleasant working environment,” he said. “You looked forward to coming
to work.”

On the July 31 trade to Detroit, Washburn said he had mixed feelings.

“Going to a first-place team was nice,” he said, “but I was leaving a group of players that I loved. It was both good and bad.”

Return of the Inbox

For better or for worse — no, really, it is for the better — I’m bringing back the Inbox feature for the offseason. You might remember it as the Mailbag.

By now, you all know the deal with these: I can’t guarantee that a question is going to get into the story. In fact, given the ratio of questions submitted to space available for the story, it’s safe to say that most questions won’t make it. The better the question, and generally the more specific the question, the better the chance of getting answered.

You can email your question here, or click the link at the bottom of this post. Please include your first name, last initial, and your hometown. If you decide to email me directly, please be sure to include “Inbox” in the subject line. That’ll save a lot of hassle.

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