Granderson wins Marvin Miller Man of the Year award

For those who missed it this morning, Curtis Granderson was selected by MLB players as this year’s Marvin Miller Man of the Year for excellence on and off the field. The story is on the site if you want to read more, but from what I’ve looked up, it’s the first time a Tiger has won a national baseball award for community service since Al Kaline.

Here’s Granderson’s reaction to the award:

“I am honored to not only be receiving such an award, but also humbled that this
was voted on by other Major League Baseball players. I am in a position to use
my status as a professional baseball player to help others in need to rally
others to help those in need.

“Working with the Detroit Tigers Foundation, the Detroit Action Team and the
various other programs along with my own Grand Kids Foundation, I have seen
first-hand impacts being made in Detroit and other inner cities throughout
Michigan. I am excited at being able to continue to help enhance the educational
experience for many of Michigan’s students.
“I want to help others realize that they do not have to be rich and famous
to make a positive impact in their community. Volunteering just one hour a week
at any community organization or school can make a difference.”

Granderson also was on the Mike and Mike show this morning talking about it. There’s a sound clip available on the show’s home page on the ESPN Radio site.

Whatever your reactions on Granderson’s season at the plate, and I know there’s a range of reax, this is a nice award to get. The way the postseason awards are shaping up, it’s probably going to be the only individual award the Tigers get this year.


Certainly deserves it – it’s hard to find ppl like Curtis! I know Inge does a lot of work off the field too, however, Curtis is a total bachelor…..and fairly young – what i am saying is most ppl in his situation are hanging with cabrera and getting into trouble.

Not my boy Curtis – this guy is a better person that most ppl in this entire city.

Congratulations, Curtis. “The Face of the Franchise” does Detroit proud! Now, if you’d just go out next season and hit like you did in 2008, you could persuade even more folks to help folks in need. In fact, you’d even help a TEAM in need!
Say, ya think this increases Granderson’s trade value? Can we deal him for Hanley Ramirez, Josh Johnson, and Dan Uggly?

What a wonderful honor for Curtis and the Detroit Tigers organization. I love you, Curtis!

Well deserved honor- way to go, Curtis! I don’t think anyone can argue about Curtis’ character- the only criticism I’ve read on this blog is he does too much outside of baseball during the season.🙂
These are the types of awards that will have a much longer lasting impact on Curtis’ legacy than his BA in ’09. For those of us with young kids, it is a blessing to have a player like him on our team, to be a hero on the field and off. For my money, that’s worth more than anyone we could trade him for.
On another note- it is a shame Porcello won’t be looked at for ROY. It makes me wonder what making it to the playoffs and pitching well against NY could have done for him in that respect.
This World Series is taking forever. Let’s get to the off-season already.
Happy Halloween!

good for you Curtis, you deserve to be recognized for all you do. Nice to see a young man taking so much of his time and money to help others out and recognizing that he has the means to do it and feel like it is his responsibility to do so – he was raised well, his parents must be beaming. One player for me to point out to my kids, something we all should strive for even if we don’t have the means that he has.

Some of the Tigers really do make you proud in what they do for others – that piece on ESPN about INge was great, now this – nice to see “good” news in the media!

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