Sizemore undergoes surgery on ankle

Scott Sizemore underwent surgery on his fractured left ankle Tuesday, including screws inserted to stabilize it, but the Tigers still expect him to be healed and ready for the start of spring training next February.

According to the Tigers, Sizemore will spend two weeks with a splint on his ankle, then a CAM boot to immobilize the ankle and foot. If all goes well, doctors will remove the screws in January.

While the surgery will obviously alter Sizemore’s offseason rehab — before the tendon damage was discovered, the Tigers hoped the simple fracture could be healed with six weeks in a protective boot — it shouldn’t impact his season. He’ll begin full weight-bearing activity once the screws are out and have at least a month between then and the time position players report to camp.


“If all goes well” are the keywords here. Scott is young so that’s in his favor, but I’m not sure it’s wise to assume that he’ll be 100% and ready to go for spring training. Things don’t always go well. The fixation device can create problems itself. The bone may not heal correctly. There could be additional complications even after he’s cleared to play. The Tigers always have these sunny outlooks.
Jeremy Bonderman in 2009
Kenny Rogers in 2007
Joel Zumaya in 2007, 2008, and 2009.
All of these guys were supposed to be ready at a given point, and none were able to come back at 100%. Sizemore might be ready for spring training, but there’s no way I would assume that when making plans for 2010.

They always say that players will be ready by spring training. Take that comment with a grain of salt. All the more reason to offer arbitration to Polanco.

The only thing I would say, Rich, is that those were all pitchers recovering from injuries to their throwing arm/shoulder/hand/etc. I think a broken ankle is a much more straightforward injury to recover from and a more known quantity.
That said, there is a lot of optimism around Sizemore (and some of it may be unreasonable). I’ve always loved Polanco and don’t want to see him go, but I’m also tempted by Sizemore’s bat and understand that they want to cut costs. My biggest concern is the top of the batting order: Polanco was the only one who has made sense at the top of the order in recent years. Granderson is not an obvious #1 and #3 was a revolving door this year. Assuming Polanco leaves, I have no clue how they’re going to fill that hole.

Not to be an alarmist or anything, BUT Grant Hill’s ankle took 3 surgeries and 7 years before he could play a full season. Don’t know how similar their injuries are and I know the basketball court is more stressful on the ankle than the diamond, but…..

Yep, that’s pretty much my point, Mayo. An ankle injury, especially one involving ruptured tendons, can’t be assumed to ever be normal again. Arbitration may be necessary with Polanco.
I haven’t a clue how they’ll work the batting order minus Polly, Matt, but I don’t think it will matter since we can’t win with Leyland anyway.
The Tigers, in four short years, have changed me from an optimist into a total pessimist where this club is concerned. And with reason. You may remember in 2008, the answer to negative comments was “it’s still early, plenty of baseball left.” Then in 2009, the reply was “we’re in first place, quit complaining.” Both times, the pessimistic view was the accurate one. Maybe it’s not pessimism at all, but realism.

Fair point, recovery isn’t guaranteed. I don’t think that necessarily moves the Tigers any closer to bringing back Polanco, though the arbitration offer is a good option to use. Ramon Santiago can move over if need be, and Brent Dlugach is another middle infield option.

In 119 games, Brent made 24 errors at SS during the ’09 season.

Make that 117 games rather than 119, although he seems to have a good bat. Still………

“Santiago can move over if need be, and Brent Dlugach is another middle infield option. ”

Not if you’re serious about being a contender, they’re not. Nor is Adam Everett. Between Everett, Inge, and Laird, the Tigers had three massive holes in the lineup. Even if we can get Granderson, Ordonez, Guillen, and Cabrera to pick up the pace, going into the season with those three again is begging for problems offensively. Adding Santiago adds another hole in the lineup.

If the reason for going with Inge at third and Everett at SS was defense (and it wasn’t the primary reason), then it makes no sense to let Polanco walk over the $ 6 million that he may get in arbitration. It’s about money, getting **** on a one year deal while the great Cale Iorg is on the way, and the fact that DD has shot the wad on bad contracts. The 2B decision this year is not about Sizemore being the next Charlie Gehringer. It’s about money. Ordonez will make enough to sign Polanco, Lyon, AND Rodney. DD’s lineup is terrible, and it’s his own fault. The bullpen is terrible, and it’s his own fault.

DD’s probable one and only failure has been his inertia with large contract players. The Rangers would have taken Sheff at the end of 2008 for anything up to $6m, yet we end up eating the whole $13.6m 4 months later.
The writing was on the wall for Carlos 2 years ago with Miggs signing and definitely after the move to LF, yet he stays on the roster at $13m a season when we seemingly can’t find $6m for Polly.
Polly and Miggs represent the Tigs only all round quality players for defense and offense against all pitching.
JV becomes a free agent after 2011 and the Tigs would be looking to lock in a contract extension this year. With roster moves like this, the chances of him signing a long term contract this year will drop from 50% to zero.
Sizemore was moved from SS to 2B probably in an endevour to improve his defense with arguably little, if any improvement to show for it. Playing him for a season as backup to Ramon (in lieu of Everett) and Polly to me is a no brainer.

If Tigers can sign Placido and “Cliff Lee” for 2010 I think we’ll be ok….. Hmmm…..Maybe if we take up a collection…….
If you didn’t get a chance to see tonight’s WS game, check out Lee’s 2 catches, including the classic “behind the back snag of the come backer”, one of baseball’s prettiest plays.

“Smooth Criminal” Cliff Lee was a wonder to behold! His fielding reminded me of Kenny Rogers and the ease he displayed with his fielding.

I checked in on the game from time to time. I did see two of Lee’s plays, including the behind the back frisbee snag. Two crazy thoughts on the game. One was that Lee and Sabathia both were on the Cleveland staff last season, and the other was that Lee had been sent to the minors two years ago. Things change quick.
I hadn’t been planning to watch much of the WS since I thought it was the worst possible matchup from a “who cares” standpoint. I read on Jason’s Twitter page that the TV director is cutting down on the crowd shots and that in itself is enough to get me to tune in. That’s how much the Fox presentations have bothered me. The only crowd shot I want to see is the backs of people’s heads as they look towards the field of play. It is fun watching Alec Baldwin zeroing in on each pitch from his seat behind home.
Watching baseball sure seems out of season, doesn’t it?

Hey Ty, where are you? Busy writing books? I was thinking of how Cleveland fans are feeling about 2 stud pitchers they had. The game was too late for me to stay up and watch and…….Tim McCarver, I do not like to listen to him.

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