So far, Porcello getting no ROY credit

Still a few weeks to go until the Rookie of the Year award from baseball writers. However, various other publications have come out with their own choices, and Rick Porcello isn’t winning any of them. White Sox third baseman Gordon Beckham won AL honors from The Sporting News, while Pittsburgh’s Andrew McCutchen won Baseball America’s Major League Rookie of the Year award. Porcello didn’t even make the list of three AL finalists for the Players Choice award as voted on by players; Beckham, Jeff Niemann and Elvis Andrus beat him out there.

To be fair, a lot of the credit given to Porcello this year was more about what he showed for his age, rather than what he has done as a rookie. But without Porcello, the Tigers wouldn’t have led the AL Central for as long as they did, and they almost certainly would’ve been in trouble in the division tiebreaker game a few weeks ago. Porcello’s performance in that game may or may not bolstered his award hopes, depending on how many writers waited until then to vote. Ballots were due when the postseason began, which technically wasn’t until the next day.

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Position players historically are more likely to win ROY, but voters may be missing the boat this year. Beckham didn’t even come up until June 4, although granted he was a good young player. Jeff Nieman is 26 and had some experience in the bigs in 2008. I think age and prior experience should have much to do with it. Porcello was a rookie in the truest sense of the word. It’s probably as you say, the votes were cast early. Oh well, on the bright side, Rick can see himself as being dissed and shoot for the Cy now.

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