Two-homer game for Sizemore

Scott Sizemore, quite possibly Detroit’s second baseman next year, is back for a stint in the Arizona Fall League, where he had a good early game Thursday. He homered in consecutive bats Thursday for the Peoria Javelinas in their 17-9 win over the Peoria Saguaros.

Sizemore hit out a slider for a solo shot in the fifth inning off Logan Ondrusek before adding a two-run homer in the sixth off Mike DeMark.


That’s terrific, but it also sounds like the pitching was pretty weak giving up 17 runs. Hopefully, no errors. I know what Dombrowski said about Sizemore being capable of playing every day, but I’ll sure miss Polly if that’s who is taking his place.

How much money would it take to sign Placido? How many years would he be asking for? So much money tied up in players who will be of no help next year, and here’s an impact player who will help and they can’t afford him? What a shame.

I wish Beck would comment on which positions Sizemore is playing in Arizona. Supposedly, Scott was going to spend some time at shortstop and 3B down there.

Looking back over the games thus far, Sizemore has ONLY played 2B. BTW, he hit another homer yesterday.
Caspar Wells is playing very well too. I foresee Wilkin Ramirez on the big club next year. We’ll have to live with the K’s. It’s not as though we aren’t used to that here in Motown.
Personally, I would like to see Guillen go. I do not see him as being a positive influence. I don’t see him producing enough offensively to justify an everday position.
Thames is redundant and his underperformance is a clear indication that he should go too.
Polanco was a wonderful ballplayer but he is coming of age, and to be brutally honest, it is all downhill for him now. To keep him would be wonderful but it is an expense and a luxury the club can’t really afford if it is to ‘retool”.
I think everyone is trade bait on this team except Verlander, Porcello and, perhaps, MCab. I suppose if someone offered you the farm for MCab, it would have to be considered.
If Raburn were smart he would play winter ball (outfield and 3B).
I agree that DD is hugely responsible for the fiscal mess and the concomitant on-the-field mess this team is in.
Leyland will not be a sacrificial lamb this year (drats!). He has a solid reputation in baseball circles and is one of those managers that will be always be given too much slack and too much credit.

Marty’s comment regarding Polanco is right on target. We can’t afford an equitable contract for him because we’re paying too much to guys who contribute nothing. Tell me how is it again that DD is doing a good job?
I’d be willing to trade anyone in the organization for the right price, but my only true untouchables are Porcello and Verlander, in that order. I would definitely listen to offers for Cabrera because Miguel showed me a lot this season. Guillen can’t be counted on because of injuries.
But here’s where I’m coming from. It doesn’t matter what kind of personnel changes we make if they’re not used properly, and that goes back to the manager. Everything goes back to the manager. Any other field boss would win 95 games in the Central with the current roster.
With that in mind, I don’t have many comments to make. Not worth the trouble.

Again, I don’t think it’s fair to judge a player based on his age. While it’s true that Polly is (34)?, he still could be an excellent 2nd baseman for 2 more years or longer. Some guys reach their prime by the time they are 30 years old. But that’s not the case for every player. I think Polly is probably looking for a 2 or 3 year deal if he can get it and you can’t blame him. If Sizemore is good enough, then you’ve got to promote him or use him in a trade.

I agree pup, it’s just that he isn’t signed for the next 2 years. I don’t think it would be wise use of money to go after an expensive free agent at this stage of his career. When I say downhill I mean that I would expect he has peaked, He is great player and would be an assedt to any team but I do think his numbers will start to fall off.
Anyway, I think many people figured the Guillen issue was going to happen. There was a time a month or so ago that Guillen came out (in the media) and said he wanted to start batting RH so that he could play more. I thought that was rather obtuse of him at the time and Leyland did counter with his own thoughts on who makes out the lineup after that. This last comment from Guillen is certainly going to influence JL’s inclusion of him on his “one of my favorites” list.
On top of that, Carlos is wrong about himself. He really does not produce enough (offensively and defensively) to be an everday position player. As unpredictable as Raburn has been in the OF this year he does have speed and a really fine arm. He has made some great catches too. He is a potential 20 HR guy as well, Carlos is not. I’d like to see Raburn concentrate on that role if it becomes an opportunity for him. He can also play 3rd and with a little work there could become very adequate. Saint Brandon does seem to have tenure on that position though.
Everett had an OK year. But OK years don’t win championships. Same with Laird. If we are to really contend we need more offense from both of them. Perhaps reduced playing for Laird with the advent of Avila might benefit all concerned.

I had no idea Carlos was capable to bat right handed and Leland’s remark. Oh boy, trouble brewing here. I love Carlos, but it doesn’t look like he’s going to be an everyday guy with the Tigers team. He really does need to get himself in the best possible shape this winter and work on his LFing. I’m already dreading next season. Already, Leland sounds testy. God help us! And just for extra emphasis, I, too, was dumbfounded when he had Magglio sitting on the bench and yanked early for defensive purposes down the stretch for Clete. I actually stood up and screamed at the TV.

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