Oliver gets welcome to pro ball

Jason Beck / MLB.com

Tigers second-round draft pick Andrew Oliver made his pro debut Tuesday in the Arizona Fall League and took the loss for the Peoria Javelinas with a four-run third inning.

Oliver, the left-hander the Tigers drafted out of Oklahoma State, replaced Javelinas starter and fellow Tigers farmhand Scot Drucker, who gave up a run on a hit — a Brandon Laird RBI single — in two innings. A leadoff single and back-to-back walks — one on four pitches, the next on five — loaded the bases on Oliver. He fell behind on a 3-1 count to left-handed hitting Mets prospect Ike Davis, who got a fastball on the inside part of the plate and pulled it out to right for a grand slam.

Oliver retired the side from there, finishing with a 29-pitch inning. Tigers relief prospect Robbie Weinhardt came in later and gave up five runs on six hits over 1 2/3 innings.

Casper Wells went 2-for-3 with a double and an RBI. Cale Iorg had an RBI single.


Brandon Laird? One can only imagine a good defender who can’t hit. 🙂 Related to Gerald? Seems there was a brother………. Warning! Low memory! I hate when that happens.
Sounds like young Mr. Oliver was a tad nervous to start out. Can’t blame him.

OK…I finally seen something about Iorg. My memory is going too, but wasnt there talk late last year or early this year about Iorg being the up-and-coming savior of the team at SS, and that was why we would only need Everett for a one year contract? Did I miss him getting injured or…
::sigh:: it is hard getting old…

Cale Iorg didn’t perform as expected. I was in Dunedin this past spring when he was inexplicably given that start against the Blue Jays, and it wasn’t pretty.
Something I noticed while looking at our minor league hitting stats from this year: our K to BB ratio is horrendous. What’s the story on that? We don’t need more free swingers who don’t know situational hitting. Are these youngsters learning anything down there? I’m not an expert on minor league ball so any comments would be welcome.

Further to Rich’s comment, the Tiger plate discipline also went downhill from 53.2% BB/SO ratio and 5th in the AL in 2008 to 48.5% and 10th in 2009. The Twins maintained their 3rd spot but raised their ratio from 54.0% to 57.3%.
Cots have updated their 2010 baseball contracts with the Tigers up for $100.7m for 10 players including Jacob Turner. It looks like Mr I is going to have to find another $130m this year if we are going to have a reasonable team given none of our current contracted players other than Porcello, Curtis and possibly Miggs are worth their salary. Hopefully DD wont miss any opportunities like he had last year where he could of moved Sheff to Texas for at least part of his contract.
When we had so many offensive issues and being in long endless ruts throughout the season, just perplexing that given the roster is unable to be radically changed through poor long term contracts, management is not being shaken up.
The Division series ended awfully quick. All the losing teams had their chances which they were unable to capitalise on, with the Phils and Yanks seemingly always able to get the hit when the crunch is on. The Yanks increased their BB/SO ratio from 52.7% to an amazing 65.4% this year.

I see we still have local media people who seem to find it their sacred duty to defend Jim Leyland. Mr. Henning’s column today didn’t even make sense, and he continues to zero in on the starter for the October 3rd game, as if that’s all we fans are upset about. I don’t know what Henning’s problem is and don’t care.
The bottom line is that, since DD has tied the club’s hands with his overly optimistic contracts, we’re going to be stuck with pretty much the same team next season. So I ask, what is there to look forward to? The very least they could do is get a field manager that could give us some hope. Nobody is going to be interested in this team if something doesn’t change, and the manager is the obvious candidate.
I don’t see any point in starting next season with Leyland then having to fire him in May or early June, which is exactly what is going to happen. May as well do it now.
I don’t know, maybe Henning is using reverse psychology in continuing to stir up our anger and make his point that way. I do know that I’m more angry now than when the season ended. I don’t need this. Nobody needs this.

JIm Leyland’s defensive coordinator = Lynn Henning. How can he be so blind?

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