Inge's highlight game was a play through pain

The way Brandon Inge was ranging around third base Tuesday night, one would’ve thought his knee felt the best it had in months. Truth is, however, that it was the worst he has felt it, maybe all year.

This was Inge’s game to push his knee to the breaking point if he had to. He has all offseason to recover.

“It was last game,” Inge said. “It could be last game, so I’m leaving it all on that field, whether my kneecaps blow off. Actually, to be honest with you, it was one of the more painful games that I’ve played in, by far. I just blocked it out. I put my team first and tried to do what I could.”

Two stellar stops stand out. One was Matt Tolbert’s leadoff single in the third inning, which brought out one of those diving stops down the line that seemed almost routine before the knee injuries. He hit the ground down the line to stop it, then got up enough to fire across the infield and at least make a play. Tolbert beat it out, but the play was impressive nonetheless. Plus, pushing off that painful left knee, those are the ones that usually give him the most pain.

Then, of course, came Inge’s diving stop towards the hole to rob Orlando Cabrera of a potential go-ahead single in the ninth.

“I could give you 20 instances [of pain],” Inge said. “Me personally, looking on the game, I know that I felt everything on the field. The funny thing is, it’s not only me. I can look at every guy on the team, and everyone played their heart out. Sadly, it’s over.”

Now that it’s over, he’s going to have time to get his knees fixed. Depending on what more doctors find in there, it could be as simple as allowing the knees to rest for a long period, or it could involve surgery, potentially major if the microtears have been more like regular tears.

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